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The Beginning

January 1, 2007

When we were living in Albany in Western Australia, we began to garden by following Linda Woodrow’s Permaculture Home Garden system as laid out in her book.  We did not have room to do a full chook dome, so we made a 50% area one and had just 6 chooks instead.

We managed to squeeze 12 vege garden plots into the backyard of our suburban home.

Much to our surprise we found that the system worked well and the experience made us long for more space so we could expand the gardens.

We also dreamed of providing our own needs in other ways too, that could not be done in a suburban home, and this is what led to us moving all the way across the country to the beautiful state of Tasmania.

Now we have the challenge of adapting from Albany’s lovely mild climate to the much more chilly area of Mole Creek.  And now we have to deter pests like quolls, wallabys and crows instead of snails and slugs!