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Exit Stage Right

March 28, 2007

Hi Guys

Well, we have survived so far in Perth, despite the mad drivers up here. It was pretty hot and horrible when we first arrived but the weather has cooled down over the last few days much to our delight. We had a birthday party for Caleb’s 21st on Saturday which was nice, just family and some of his friends, saw our old students Judson, Catherine and Adrian again, they are going well. Judson is working for the treasury dept now but Catherine and Adrian are still studying.

Things are falling into place now for getting over to Tassie. Most of us are flying out on the midnight horror on Monday, and should arrive in Tassie on Tuesday 3rd. Kim and the dog are driving over instead, sleeping in the car and fun things like that, they are arriving on the boat on the same morning that the rest of us arrive. We are staying for 3 weeks in an onsite van, though we may move to a cabin after Easter, in Port Sorell near Devonport. The poor dog has to stay in nearby kennels, but can come out on day trips with us. 🙂 It will be good to be there and be able to check things out as a family before making any decisions about buying anything. The extra cars are going to be a little late, getting to us about a week later.

When the 3 weeks are up we are moving to a property in Blessington, 20-25 minutes east of Launceston. The boyfriend of the grandaughter of a friend of my parents (pretty funny hey!) has just bought this property with an eye to moving there in a couple of years. In the interim he is happy for us to be there for as long or as short as we would like. It is a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house on 4 acres, close to Ben Lamond NP (where they do the skiing, I’m expecting it to be COLD). We found it on and it is a true Tassie house, brick on the bottom with a hardyplank extension on the side and a colourbond second floor, but there is wood and electric heating so we should be very comfortable there, and the area around the house is fenced which should keep the dog in. There is a stream along the side of the property that is supposed to have platypus in it which sounds cool, a paddock that the boys can play soccer in and covered parking for 4 cars so Kim should be happy. It should give us a good base to look around from, maybe we’ll find we like the north-east as much as the north-west and want to stay around there instead. Alternatively if we buy land we can get the property organised while still having somewhere cheap to live.

I should also tell you that we bought a new car, well it is new for us anyway. It is a 1990 Audi 100 wagon and has strange modern things like electric windows and central locking which we are very unused to. We couldn’t resist it because it was so cheap, it cost us $2500 and is in excellent condition, not a bad price for a car that cost $70,000 new. We figure that Audi is almost Volkswagen given that VW own the company, thats our excuse anyway! So now we have one more car to take with us – sigh.

Well, I better move on, but I thought you would like to know we are finally leaving the state. Take care all.