Small World

Hello again

You know I was just thinking back to my youth, back in the dim distant past, and remembering how I tried to start a journal a couple of times. Somehow it just never worked out, it seemed so odd to be writing to a book, which no-one but myself would read. I have now discovered the solution – email. I enjoy writing about things we’ve been doing, even when it isn’t much, and it has so much more purpose when it means I am keeping in touch with you guys at the same time.

Anyway I was going to tell you what a small world it is. We have started going to this church in Launceston full of foreigners, you know – Tasmanians. Well whilst chatting after the service on Sunday we met a fellow called James and were having a good old yarn. It turned out that James was from WA and is related to Carol Heerema, who was our neighbour in Kelmscott where we lived before moving to Albany. Then we were invited to the home of Ben and Tina for a cuppa, and off we went. In the depths of deep and meaningful discussion I discovered that Tina was also from WA. She also knew the Carol mentioned above and more than that we actually went to the same high school and were in the same year! Neither of us remember the other, and Tina left after year 10 while I soldiered on to year 12, but there you are. It’s a small world, or perhaps Christians with reformed beliefs just hang out in isolated areas. 🙂

Life definitely has settled down, I can tell because I feel like I have no news of any interest, however I’ve always managed to fill the silence with words and I’ll make a valiant effort to fill the email with typing. Josiah is doing well at learning to read, whenever I can drag him off the computer to actually work on such things as school work. My latest plan is to try to do all his school work in the mornings, and then he can play after lunch. I tried it for the first time today, and because he wanted to have the afternoon free he was prepared to put in more of an effort than he normally does, so it went well. I’ll just have to see how it goes from here on. Truth to tell most of the work he does he enjoys and probably doesn’t even realise that he is learning things at the same time. Our current theme is water, and so we have been learning all sorts of facts about water, reading books with a water theme, doing mazes and colouring etc of pictures that somehow relate to water. After reading a Magic Schoolbus book Josiah very enthusiastically made me help him to make a big poster of the water cycle and the way water gets processed and delivered to our homes, because that was what the kids did in the book. I like having a theme, it helps me to come up with more ideas somehow. We have frozen water, boiled water, floated boats down the creek and checked out steam engines, it’s all good fun.

Sam and Lydia are now working with a weekly to-do list, that way they can press on and get their work done early too if they want to. Also it means I don’t have to work out what I want them to do each day, they can make their own decisions just so long as it all gets done – or there is a good reason why it doesn’t. Sam has been suffering from his nausea again since being in Tassie, just like he was before we took him off wheat and milk. In desperation he has stopped eating spelt as well recently and that seems to have had a good effect, unfortunately it makes it harder to fill him up, but at least he feels better. It is most annoying timing since I just bought 25kg of organic spelt flour for him to use, but never mind.

Kim has been getting ready to take my 71 VW wagon over the pits, the one we restored the body of just before coming over here. All was going well, he had even tracked down a place who assured us they had the parts to get the windscreen washers working, and then on Saturday the boys had a bit of an accident with it. It was one of those stupid things that happen when people are in a rush, but the end result was that the car went backwards through the gate with the drivers door open, and suddenly the drivers door didn’t look the same anymore. Poor Kim, he was rather sad. However, we brought with us all the gear that we used when doing the old girl up and the technique is still fresh in our minds. Kim has been busy today sanding, panel beating and placcying the door so, God willing, the car will soon be back in one piece and driving around again. The Audi already has Tasmanian plates, and the beetle is going to have to go off the road for a while as it needs some serious work, and I think that working on the block is going to be the priority for a while.

In other dramas, Caleb accidentally kicked Sam’s favourite soccer ball into the creek, this ball has great sentimental value as it was a goodbye present from Sam’s best mates when he left Albany. The creek was in it’s raging torrent mode at that time, and the ball went racing away with Caleb in hot pursuit, however bushes and barb wired fences stopped him from catching it and he came flying into the house with the news. Kim and Caleb whizzed off down the road in the car, stopping at various spots along the way where the creek could be seen or where it crossed the road hoping to catch sight of the ball as it travelled. Sam in the meantime went hiking through the bush beyond our block trying to see if the ball had been caught up anywhere. Surprisingly the ball was actually recovered! Sam found it caught in a branch and managed to wade across the creek to rescue it. We have since suggested making a ringlock barrier over the creek at the end of the block, or better still, getting their skills up so they don’t boot the ball where they don’t want it to go.

We found a good music shop and have ordered a new bodhran (Irish drum) for Caleb, since he was devastated when the skin on the one he got for his 21st ripped badly. We are not sure if it had a flaw in it or whether it was just through such vigorous use, but we have ordered a “pro” version which has a double skin, in the hope that this one will last longer. Caleb still plays his guitar and Lydia continues to persevere with her violin playing while Sam is constantly playing his tin whistle. We have also ordered a special Clarkes original tin whistle for him. For a bit of variety they are trying to learn the flute now, and on odd occasions the clarinet, trumpet or keyboards get a hearing. It is a musical household to be sure.

Well, its time to finish up this not terribly exciting email. My love to you all.



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