A Smell


Thought it was time I sat down a wrote a bit more to you all.  I am going to complain today because there is a smell in my kitchen.  A bad smell!  Possibly a dead and decomposing mouse kind of smell.  It started over a week ago, Kim noticed it first and it has become worse since then despite the various fragrance emitters I have strategically placed around.  I have ransacked the cupboards, delved under fridge and freezer and looked everywhere else I can think of to no avail.  The only thing I can think is that it is underneath the oven and I can see no way of getting under there as the oven is squeezed into a corner and blocked fairly completely by cupboards.  I’ve even tried to pull the front off the oven but couldn’t get under it – sigh.  Perhaps tomorrow I will get the boys to help me and have a major “pull the oven out” day…. I’m sure they’ll be thrilled.

Poor Kim is in bed sick with some sort of gastro today.  I’ve been out of sorts for about a week too, a combination of my back playing up, gastro and then bad headaches, and now it is Kim’s turn.  At least we are taking turns and so have been able to look after each other.  Josiah must have it a bit too as when I took him shopping with me yesterday we no sooner arrived in town than he threw up all over himself.  I had to go to a Salvos and get some replacement clothes for him as I didn’t have any with me.  Such fun!

It is nice and cold over here.  Rather bracing!  Bracing is our new family word.  It started in Port Sorell, whenever we would go into the caravan and comment on it getting cold Kim would always respond that it wasn’t cold, it was bracing.  So now whenever we are freezing our butts off, we smile slyly at each other, look to make sure Kim is within earshot, and say how bracing it is.  It hasn’t failed to make us all smile yet, but no doubt the novelty of the joke will wear off by the end of winter.  This morning was bright and sunny but there was a frost all over the paddock which lasted until the sun hit it, which in some places wasn’t until lunchtime.  At 8.30am the temperature was zero, and when I checked again at 3pm it was still only 6 degrees.  I just checked now and it is down to 2 and there isn’t a cloud in the sky so I hate to think how cold it will get tonight.  Needless to say the fire is on this evening, and the heatpumps were on all day.

Our block should settle on Monday, so all going well we’ll finally own our own piece of Tassie very soon.  Can’t wait to go back over there and walk around it again, and we’ll have to take some more photos to show you.  I wonder how cold it gets over there.  Hmm

Well, I have to go and get to bed now, so take care all.



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