Cold Days in Blessington

Hi All

I’ve been asked for photos so I took some of our frosty morning today.
It was -1 when I checked outside at 8.30am, and when I went out to take photos after 9 this puddle had ice on the top.
This was the view from the letter box across the paddock, all that whiteness on the grass is frost.  You can see the spring fed dam well in this shot.
I decided to walk over to the end of the paddock and take a photo looking back at the house from up near the road.  Lupo had to come with me of course and she didn’t seem at all fazed by the chill
I however had on tights, jeans, singlet, shirt, jumper, jacket, gloves and beanie, and then I didn’t feel cold. This was the view looking back at the house.
This was taken a bit later, about 10.30am when the sun was up a bit more.  You can see the mountain quite well in the distance, Mount Barrow I believe.
I found this mushroom in my walk and decided it was worth a photo too.
Lupo has always had a habit of putting her feet into her water bowl, and she has decided now that the dam is the greatest water bowl ever because not only her feet but her whole self fits in!
You just want to keep your distance when she gets out – see the drips.

And finally the shake.

Well, thats it for now.



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