Our Block

Hi All

Our block settled with no problems on Monday and Kim and I went over there on Tuesday for a little while.  Unfortunately everyone is still battling a nasty stomach wog so we haven’t been up to doing much but I did get to take some photos to show you.  Now there are only so many photos you can take of trees on a bush block, but I still managed to take about 50, and we didn’t go up the back of the block where it is a bit different, but don’t worry I won’t make you look at all of them.  🙂

First of all, here is our turn off just before the Gog ranges on the road between Mole Creek and Sheffield.

This is out the front of the block looking down Sykes road.

Kim at the gate.

This is the view from the road.


More trees.

The driveway.

Did I mention it was a bush block?  Incidentally does anyone have any hints about controlling bracken, there is quite a bit of it in some spots.

These are some sort of foundation stones near the main shack (Kim says I have to call it a house, but I think it needs to be lined before I can call it a house), goodness knows what used to be on these stones, something about 6 x 9m.

This is inside the main shack, we have quite a bit of work to do but it is weatherproof and basically sound so at least there is something to start with… I want to try out the fireplace and see if it works well.

The place came with our own Australian made “International” truck.  I think the shelter it is under could do with a bit of help though!  The truck still has rego plates on, you wouldn’t get away with that in WA.  There are a few other vehicles buried in vegetation around also, but the truck is the most interesting.

I’m getting used to this sign, this one is near our block just before the Mersey river.

And the bridge over the Mersey itself.

And if you continue on towards Mole Creek this is the view of the Western Tiers.

When we were there last someone was burning off between Mole Creek and Deloraine, my guess is that it was a tree plantation burning after cropping or something because the smoke was huge.  It somewhat wrecked the view.  When I first saw smokes like this I used to worry that it was a bushfire but I don’t think so anymore as it is a not uncommon sight.

And the smoke spreads too.

And here we are driving through the suburbs of Launceston on our way home to Blessington.  A rather frequent view for us.  I like the way you are never far to the paddocks and countryside.

Well, that is enough photos for now.  We have been allocated a phone number at the block already, even though there is no phone or connection there yet , and we are keeping our fingers crossed for ADSL/broadband ability as dial up is rather frustrating.  A local electrician is going to check out our private power pole and do whatever is needed to give the thumbs up to Aurora power so they can connect power to it again.  His wife was very friendly and keen to find out about the newbees in the neighbourhood.  It turns out that Howe is a common name in Mole Creek, and she said our neighbours are Howes also.  That should make collecting mail fun.

Anyway, thats enough for now.

lots of love



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