Howdee, howdee.

Yesterday afternoon we took a drive up to Ben Lomond national park and finally got to play in the snow.  There is lots of nice soft stuff there now so we got to have snowball fights and to make a mini snowman.  Of course we had to have a family soccer game in the snow too, and we watched people skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing.  There was actually more people there than I expected.  We had a great time, the only sad bit being that Sam felt too sick to come, but we figured we would go anyway with Caleb this time and we can go another time when Caleb is at TAFE and take Sam.  We want to get a toboggan now because that looked like good cheap fun requiring somewhat less skill than skiing, but as it was we had plenty of free fun anyway and the weather was lovely.  We didn’t even need our snowchains as it hasn’t snowed for a little while.  🙂   I am glad we finally got there as we are so close at the moment I would have been sorry not to take advantage of being here.  However the final part of the drive is up a bunch of hairpins called Jacob’s ladder, and I have to admit that I found that pretty scary with my fear of heights, but once we got to the top it was okay.

Anyway I have attached a whole bunch of photos to bore you with, starting with a before and after shot of our fireplace at Milkenunny, and a photo for family of Lydia blowing out her birthday candles.

Then there is a photo Kim took about a week ago of Ben Lomond from our road, there is not as much snow up there now as there was then.

And a bunch of us playing in the snow, including our very first snowman that we put into the bonnet and brought home for Sam.  Snow is cool to mould, it hangs together much better than wet sand. I liked the photo of Caleb throwing a snowball, you can see the snowball against the sky. There is also one from the car as we were going down Jacob’s Ladder too, although you can never really get the feel of the height from photos can you?  I loved the sight of the wallabys in the snow, it just seems so strange to see Aussie animals in snow.



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