Moving Right Along

Hi All

We spent another overnighter at our block on Wednesday/Thursday and got stuck into doing the lining in the loungeroom.  I had to enclose some photos for you because we think the improvement is pretty cool.  I have to redo one set of curtains though which have become too short in the process of taking odd bits of wood off the wall, but I have just enough left over material so that is cool.  Kim also went around filling gaps in the hope that one day we’ll get all the entry spots closed up and the rat will not be able to get in, we’ve never seen him but he is systematically chewing the paper off the tins I have left there when we are away.  Kim even fixed the sash cord window in the lounge so it opens now.  Kim got a book at a garage sale called The Australian Carpenter (subtitled How to Drive a Nail, How to Build a House and all the Carpentry in between). It was written in 1948 and he finds it just fantastic to give him all the info he needs to do all the carpentry we find ourselves doing.

We had 3 inches of rain fall while we were at the block and the driveway was showing it.  The VW makes it through okay but it is a bit hairy in the front wheel drive Audi.  Still, we haven’t bogged yet… nothing like momentum to slide you through mud.  Maybe we should try the snow chains?

When we headed back to Blessington we were astounded at the water everywhere.  Launceston seems to have rivers that regularly overflow their banks in a big way, flood plains take on a very real meaning.  Paths that ran under bridges now just disappear into lakes of water, it is quite different to what I am used to.  Seeing how some sheep paddocks on the trip home had disappeared under water we were concerned as to what we would see at our rental house, but need not have worried, well – not this time anyway.  The creek was up and raging but has not broken it’s bank on the house side yet.  I believe we have a few fine days ahead so we should be okay.  It also looks like we have some fresh show on Mt Barrow so perhaps we can take Sam up to the ski fields tomorrow, even if he is not too well.

We are also the proud owners of our own chainsaw now, an essential tool we have discovered.  We picked it up at a garage sale for a bargain price and were concerned at first that it was too big, but have since decided that big is good.  Kim calls it affectionately The Chainsaw of Mass Destruction.  It also came with an attachment that allows you to mill slabs off trees, but we haven’t tried that yet.  We have had to chainsaw and chop firewood on a weekly basis and our new saw makes the work much easier than the little chainsaw we were using before.

I am very proud of myself because I got my tax return done half way through July, and so we are awaiting a reasonably sized return which will help to finance more insulation for the ceiling.  🙂  Our water testing came back very good, so the water is fine to drink which is great to know.  We still need to finish running the water pipe, there is only about 150 m to go to the house now, and we also need to work out water heating before we can move.  Still, we are getting there slowly.

Anyway, I have just been called to go and help get firewood so I best be off.

love to all


Anyway, to the photos.  Firstly some before photos of the lounge so you have a point of reference.

Then Caleb nailing up boards and myself putting insulation in the ceiling.

And a couple to show the improvement just when we were packing up to leave.  Kim and I want to go back and do more!


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