Bat in my Belfry

This week I held a real live bat in my hands!  We were out at Milkenunny and finished lining the loungeroom Wednesday, well, apart from the trim and since we don’t have any trim yet that was all we could do.  We put some benches in either side of the fireplace which is good as it means I no longer have to share my kitchen table with an iMac and a Playstation!  So on Thursday we moved on to the next room which has been dubbed the vestibule, it has the clerestory bed in the top of it.  We started with the messy job of removing some old foil insulation which was essentially all there was as the lining of one wall and the ceiling.  Bits of dust and dirt and rat poo were falling around our ears and we found an old rat nesting spot.  Yuk, lots of ripped up plastic and so on, anyway we decided to take the wood lining off from the clerestory bed section as well as it was not terribly well done and so I moved up there to clean off the beams as well.  As I was sweeping away I came across a bunch of what I thought was mouse poo above one of the windows and as I was dusting it into my rubbish bag a little body fell down onto the windowsill.  At first I thought it was a dead mouse and then I saw the wings and thought it was a dead bat and then it gave a little shudder and I realised it was alive.  I gathered it up and we all had a good close look at the tiny bat.  After a minute or two it started to hang onto my glove with its tiny feet and then it started to groom itself, and was obviously waking up from a winter torpor.  We decided to take a photo of it outside, but once we got out there it just took off and went souring away over the creek.  I hope it managed to find a few insects to eat and another hollow somewhere to settle down in for the rest of winter.  As a consequence the latest name for the shack has become the bat cave, and the clerestory is now being referred to as the belfry.  I tried to identify the bat later but there are about 6 little bats in Tassie and I am unsure what it was.  Interestingly it could even have been a King River Eptesicus, named after King River in Albany, but if I had to take a guess I would pick it as the Chocolate Wattled Bat.

Anyway, enough for now.  I have to go and help collect more firewood, remove the remains of the tree that fell across our road the other week,  hang up the washing, vacuum the floors…. you know how it is!


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