Spring is definitely here with the weather turning much milder in the last week or so. Tassie seems to be turning yellow with numerous wattle trees bursting into flower, both in Blessington and Mole Creek.  Hayfever tablets here we come, but it is a beautiful sight.  As we drive into town we see lots of lambs gambolling (strange word gambol isn’t it, but it does seem applicable somehow) around the paddocks.  They are SO sweet.  On the way to our block we pass a paddock with a sign on the corner saying “Shhh, cows calving!”, and we have seen a few recently born calves as we travel past.  They are really gorgeous too.  I love looking at cows with their big liquid eyes, they somehow seem very placid… which probably just goes to show that I haven’t had much to do with them!  There are some Banded Galloways near here which are a more woolly looking cow, they are black with a wide white stripe around their bellies and kind of look like someone has tried to gift wrap them, we laughed when we first saw them.   I don’t have the same comfortable feeling with regard to bulls however.  There are about a dozen large solid black bulls in the paddocks bordering our little gravel road in Blessington, and truth to tell I’ve never seen them do much.  They mostly just stand there dramatically or graze, or occasionally lie down.  About the most animated I’ve seen them is when the farmer drives into the paddock with hay, and then they amble after him but they are never undignified enough to run.  But somehow there is a certain brooding dangerous feel to them and I am always glad they are behind the electric fence.  So when we were driving slowly down the road in the rain on our way home on Tuesday night at 10.30pm, keeping a lookout for the usual pademelons, wombats and possums, my heart fairly kick-started when I saw one of the bulls on the side of the road.  He was actually quite hard to see, being black and muddy, and by the time I saw him and let out a startled gasp we were only a car length or two from him.  Kim thought I had seen a wombat or something and he started to slow down so I grabbed his arm and whispered, “Don’t stop, just keep driving nice and smoothly”.  As it was the bull completely ignored us, as did the other couple we passed, but if I had wanted to I could have opened the window and leaned out and patted them on the way by – funnily enough the thought never occurred to me.  🙂

We have set ourselves a date to move into Milkenunny, the 6th October, and our new postal address will be PO Box 155, Mole Creek, 7304.  We are still awaiting our satellite internet and so may not have a phone other than the mobile to begin with, but we’ll still be getting email via our wireless broadband card on the laptop.  There are a bunch of boxes in the garage that we plan to move over there this week.  To this end we are hiring a truck and will store the boxes in a 3 x 3m shed with a concrete floor that is near the house, that way it will just be the basics in the house that we have to move later on.  We are also taking over a new window for the kitchen.  Instead of the little 80cm wide one that is there at the moment we will be installing one that is almost 3m wide, that should brighten up the kitchen no end.  Next we hope to hook up our little electric hot water system, and have running water inside the house, instead of on the wall outside where it is at the moment.  It will be great to actually be there, and will give us much more opportunity to get things done whereas now we have to travel one and a half hours before we can do anything over there, but I’m going to miss our new friends from the church.  However I got a bunch of seeds the other day and I can’t wait to get going with my vege gardens again.  There are heaps of bulbs coming up around the yard at Milkenunny, and the daffodils had burst into flower this week.  I’ve attached some photos so you can see them too.  I’ve also included photos of the lounge room with the new benches, which were promptly filled with computers.  It just goes to show that the kids are as much at home in Mole Creek as anywhere else, so long as they have their computers to keep them company!  In their defence I should say that the photos were taken after the days work was finished.

It is school holidays here in one weeks time, and we hope to be able to spend some more time at the block getting things happening before the move.  We need more insulation and lining for the boys shack, and need to wire up some lights up there as well.  The door has a lock and we have the batteries and pot belly up there now, although we haven’t tested the pot belly yet.  I’m looking forward to getting started on that building too, as it will give us a lot more space to spread out into.

Last Sunday we had a pizza lunch with the folk from our bible study.  Chris and Rikki have a wonderful backyard complete with a homemade wood fired pizza oven so we all cooked our own pizzas which was good fun as well as very tasty.  They even had spelt pizza dough so Sam could join in with the rest of us.  At the end of the yard was a vege garden and chook dome, quite similar to what we had but smaller still, they obviously had read the same book.  There were various varieties of fruit trees along one fence line which fruit at different times to keep them going with fruit all season, and they even had their own vineyard as Chris makes his own wine.  There was a swimming pool and they assured us that it gets hot enough to use it.  They had a heating system in the pool through a bunch of black poly pipes which circulated the water from the heat of the sun, and ran the water through a filter at the same time so it required no electricity.  Under the poly pipes, which formed a roof, there was a little rainforest set up as well.  Then there was some baby olive trees which they hope to make their own oil from later.  It was all very nicely done.


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