Plodding Along

Well, since I last wrote we have been busy.  We hired a truck and took all our storage boxes over to Milkenunny to put them in the shed that we have there.  There were lots of them and they were heavy and unfortunately Caleb was sick on that day so we lost one of our more muscular helpers, but we managed in the end.  It was not a straightforward job as we were not prepared to take the truck through the boggy bits of the driveway, so Sam unloaded the boxes half way up the driveway and he and Kim transferred them 3 at a time into the back of the VW wagon which Kim then ferried up to the shed.  At the shed Lydia and I were stacking the boxes 2 high in the shed, as well as setting up an area off the ground for the car parts boxes to go on.  Josiah was actually a great help, he worked the controller for the lift on the back of the truck for Sam, and amazingly enough the novelty didn’t wear off for the whole day!  We met our neighbour, Lee, who came over with his ute to help with the last few loads being shifted.  That was a great help as they were the heaviest boxes of all (car parts) and we were all running out of puff by then.  However we got the job done at last and got to eat some much appreciated fast food for tea at 9.15pm in Launceston.  Phew!  It was a good job done.

We have had some hiccups with the organising of our water supply.  We originally appropriated some water pipe that was running from high up on the block, down to the neighbours house through our property, and we redirected it to our house instead, well we took the part that was on our property anyway.  We figured since no-one had lived next door for many years that would not be a problem.  However no sooner was that done than the neighbour arrived, he and his son are repairing the house there and planning to stay, and Dave would very much like his water pipe back.  Sigh!  So we have been considering our options and Kim has been calculating flow rate, friction loss and pressure from different diameter pipes over varying distances and heights and various other mental arithmetic.  In the end it mostly comes down to economics anyway and so we are running another pipe up to the corner of our block.  Long term we would like to get a tank and have the pipe automatically filling the tank and a pressure pump running to the house, but for now the pipe will do.  We decided the other day that we would run the pipe directly to the fence from the house through a rather swampy area.  We thought the swamp couldn’t be TOO wide and it would be a shorter distance for the pipe to run.  I started from the house side and Kim started from the fence side and we were going to meet in the middle.  Yeah, right!  After an hour crawling along fallen logs, getting bogged in mud, having boots fill up with nice chilly water, getting countless twigs caught in my hair and innumerable cuts and scratches on our hands and faces from what Caleb calls blade grass (I don’t know if that is its proper name but it sure seems to fit) – we still were nowhere within sight of each other.  So… we gave up.  New plan – lets go around the swamp, no matter how much more pipe it takes!  Our planned moving day is looming, Thursday week, so we hope to sort out the water issues soon.

On the bright side we have started lining the kitchen ceiling and have got the nice big window to replace the tiny little one also, although it still needs installing.  Kim has been working on the plumbing inside the house and we have started to install the lights and the pot belly in the boys hut.  That building won’t be lined before we get there, but we have been sealing up gaps and hopefully should be able to have the wall insulation there soon.

It was great recently to meet up with my ex boss, Barbara, who was in Tassie for a university conference.  It was wonderful to see a familiar face and to catch up on some news about how everyone was going back at UWA Albany.  It made me realise how much we have settled into our new life here, Albany life seems a long time ago!  Of course once we move to Mole Creek everything will change again, so I can’t settle down just yet.

Tassie has certainly warmed up for spring.  We are finding the days much warmer and more pleasant.  There are a lot of deciduous trees over here and they are all starting to get lovely and green again.  One difference I notice is with trees in towns.  If you look out over the suburbs in Perth, you see lots and lots of bushy trees and not so many rooftops, I guess that shade is very valuable in Perth with the summer sun.  However in the towns here there are far fewer trees and the rooftops are more exposed; I figure that it is because you don’t want the shade so much here, you tend to want the sun to get through to warm things up – at least you sure do in winter.  We still have to experience summer after all.

Now some photos:

Josiah helping with the loading of the truck.

We saw this sweet little wombat grazing near the river on the way to town on Saturday and just had to stop to take a photo.  He kept hiding his face behind a clump of grass at first so Lydia and I walked away talking loudly which made him think we had all gone, then Kim was able to snap some shots when he started to move around again.  They usually seem to come out at night but this was 11am.

This is one of the wattle trees on our block.  They have turned a glorious yellow and smell delicious.


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