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October 25, 2007

Well, here are the photos I  said I would send.  Firstly there is one of Kim felling one of the Silver Wattles that was disrupting our satellite connection.

And this one shows the cleaning up process that has begun.  We hope to get it so that the cars can get back up to the house today.  We get sunshine in the front yard now, a new experience.

Then we have Josiah, totally loving his trampoline.

And one I meant to send earlier, showing the beetle as our work vehicle, moving the roll of 1.5″ pipe up to the top of the block.  Kinda looks like it is wearing a turban.   🙂

This is our neighbourhood echidna, Kim found it wandering across the driveway the other day so we all had to go down and see.  After a bit he wandered into some scrubby stuff and disappeared.

This morning I managed to snap some shots of a hare on our dried up lakes.  They are so much larger than rabbits with huge hind legs and quite different habits, but they do not like to let anyone get too close.

There were two hiding in the bush this morning, and though I knew they were there I could not see them until they moved again.

I’ve been having fun chasing birds around the yard to get photos of them.  I like this little guy – a White browed scrub wren – forgot I was there and got very close.

Sadly we don’t have the Splendid Wrens in Tassie, but the Superb Wrens are the next best thing.

This little fantail was only a couple of metres from me. flitting around collecting cobweb for a nest I think.

Well, that is probably enough for now.  Better get on to schoolwork and sharpening chainsaw chains.

We Can Communicate Again

October 24, 2007

I just thought I’d let you know that we got our satellite internet connection working today (9 downed trees later).  This means we have a new email address (, but the old email address still works as well.

We have got a skype phone number through our internet connection so our phone is now (03) 9015 7891.  You can call it just like a normal phone, and we can call you too.  However it is worth knowing that since the sound goes via the satellite out in space, there is a delay similar to when you make a long distance call overseas.

I’ll have to send some more photos soon.  We have one of an echidna on our block the other day, and some of the birds around the house as well as some of the tree felling experiences – and the mess left to clean up afterwards, which will take us a bit longer to sort out!

Moving Day is Looming

October 1, 2007

Well, we are moving to Milkenunny this Wednesday and Thursday, all going well.  The truck is booked and the house is getting packed up.  There has been a lot of rain lately and we doubt we can get the truck all the way up to our house so we will probably hire a trailer to help with the ferrying of the household contents up our driveway.  Such a fun job to look forward to!  Fine weather would be nice but I think the forecast is for some showers so we will have to wait and see.

We got the water happening at  last.  We rolled out 300 metres of 1.5″ rural poly from the creek at the top of the block and connected it to the 200 metres of the 1″ we already had to finish running it to the house.  The water pump that we were priming the pipe with decided to play up when we wanted to use it but Kim managed to fix it up and we finally got the water running.  It flows at about 28 litres per minute which is good.  Kim finished connecting up the shower at 9pm on Saturday night, just in time to test it out and have a nice hot shower before bed.  We still have to connect up the washing machine and kitchen, but that must wait until after we move now.

The boys slept up in the manor for the first time this week.  It is still pretty primitive up there- no wall lining yet – but they thought they would like to try out the extra space.  The battery powered electricity worked well as did the pot belly stove.  However the Dusky robin who is nesting in their sitting room thought it was a bit of an imposition.  She gets in and out through a gap in the corner of the roof which we have decided we will have to leave open until we see if her two speckled eggs hatch.  Then to add to their “nature experience” they had a visit from a bat around 11.30pm.  It was flitting from room to room for a while until it finally settled down hanging above their beds.  🙂  It was gone by the morning, much to my disappointment, as I would like to have seen it too.

Anyway, it is late and I better go.  We will only have the mobile phone and wireless internet on our laptop once we move, as we are still awaiting our satellite internet connection.  Neither of those will work on our block so we will have to travel into town when we want to communicate with the world for a little while, but I will still keep in touch.