We Can Communicate Again

I just thought I’d let you know that we got our satellite internet connection working today (9 downed trees later).  This means we have a new email address (milkenunny@westnet.com.au), but the old email address still works as well.

We have got a skype phone number through our internet connection so our phone is now (03) 9015 7891.  You can call it just like a normal phone, and we can call you too.  However it is worth knowing that since the sound goes via the satellite out in space, there is a delay similar to when you make a long distance call overseas.

I’ll have to send some more photos soon.  We have one of an echidna on our block the other day, and some of the birds around the house as well as some of the tree felling experiences – and the mess left to clean up afterwards, which will take us a bit longer to sort out!


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