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It has been a few weeks since I caught you up on our latest news.  Life rolls on, Kim and I are always busy, there is so much to do it can be a bit daunting at times, and the kids stay busy helping us and keeping up with schoolwork too.  We are still clearing away tree debri and collecting our stack of firewood for next year, I don’t think that job will ever end.  Kim recently injured his thumb which has slowed him down somewhat but he still managed to build a cupboard in the house which is giving us more much needed storage room.  It is wonderful to have the internet phone and to be able to communicate from home again, that takes away a lot of the feelings of isolation.

 We are starting to get to know some of the locals, there seems to be a nice little community here who help each other out and share their skills and experience.  We are being swamped with eggs from our nearest neighbours, and have received some milk and help cutting down six trees close to the house from another neighbour.  In turn they have sussed out that Kim is handy with mechanics and I’m expecting to have them call on him to help them in that way when needed, and we have contributed to the koalas diet at the local wildlife park with some white gum leaves.

We have started to build our first chook dome and hope to have that up and running soon.  To that end we are tracking down an electric mesh fence to surround the garden area with.  There is always the wallabies and hares to keep out, but our main concern is the quolls and to a lesser extent the devils who would happily make a meal of the chooks.  It sounds like quolls are trickie little beggars, and the neighbours assure us that both types of quoll as well as devils can be found around here.

We had our first official visitors recently, a friend made from when I was working at the vets in Albany was over from “the mainland” visiting Tassie with her family.  It was great to catch up, and having visitors somehow made us feel like we had arrived.

The motor in our old VW wagon recently gave up the ghost so we have been back to one car and limited in our travelling abilities as a family (since we don’t all fit into it).  As a stop gap measure we picked up a ute for the miserly sum of $500 which has given Kim more to work on  🙂  and has been quite useful as well in moving things around.  I feel much more like a farmer driving a ute than an Audi.

We are keenly waiting to see what fruit trees are springing into life in the yard.  So far we have identified a bunch of small cherry trees (yum, can’t wait) and some spanish walnuts.  Anyway, I will finish up here with some more photos.  Firstly two of the cherries, then the chicken dome in progress and Lydia exploring, then a sunset shot and our new ute, finishing up with a before and after of the new cupboard.


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