Warming Up

The weather has been warmer lately, getting up over 25 some days.  Perth friends will laugh, but after aclimatising to Albany we find this uncomfortably warm.  All those who said we would freeze over here were obviously thinking only of winter!  Anyway, what news do we have.

A week ago we had a public holiday for northern Tassie.  Wondering what important event we were commemorating we checked up on the internet and found we were celebrating Recreation Day.  It seems that southern Tassie has a holiday for their regatta earlier in the year, and since we up north wouldn’t be interested in joining in with the bureaucrats down south, we have our own holiday up here to keep it fair.

We have finished making our chook dome and have moved on to organising the electric fence to keep out the predators now.  This is not terribly straightforward, but we hope to get it done this week.  My seedlings are growing well and I enjoy checking every day to see what else has come up.  Soon hopefully we will have some chooks again and I will be able to plant things out.

We have also found and reopened a track for the ute to get around to the back of the house (brushcutters rule!).  This has been very helpful in allowing us to move larger piles of tree prunings, leaf litter, sticks etc away from the house onto one of the “to be burned” piles.  Kim continues to cut trees into rounds which we are then working on splitting for our firewood stack.  Apparently we want to have about 10 cubic metres to last a year, we think we have about 3 cubic metres split so far, and there is plenty more to do.

The boys had an early morning visitor in “the Manor” the other day.  Two Grey Shrike Thrushes came in through the open window and then could not work out how to get out.  These are the birds who were nesting there when we moved in, and I guess they thought they would see if the boys had gone yet.  Caleb got a photo of one of them this time.

While on the topic of birds, we have discovered a couple of fantail nests close to the house, so we are keen to keep and eye on them and watch the babies grow up.  They are still in the hatching eggs stage right now.

Lydia is feeling very pleased as our neighbour has been inviting her over to ride her pony.  She has ridden twice this week and is invited over again next Tuesday.  The pony is much more lively than the riding school ponies she was used to, but she is doing well and enjoying the challenge.

Josiah has been trying to learn to ride his bike, but still does not have the whole balance thing worked out yet.   However he loves to  race along the driveway as you can see.

We are still enjoying wandering around the block finding new things we hadn’t noticed before.  The other day we were told that we have some pine nut trees here somewhere.  So we went hunting and found them today, and have been trying out home grown pine nuts.  I never even knew what they were before.  We find odd little deciduous trees planted in hidden spots and are never quite sure what we’ll find next.  I only wish that I knew what most things were!  I think I need a new book to help me ID things.  I have a book of native plants, but a lot of the things we find are introduced I’m sure.  Lydia is in search of a good climbing tree to make a cubby in.  In the photo below she is in a huge old silver wattle, a nice cool spot on a sunny day.

In other exciting news we had trouble with our composting toilet last week.  The gearbox broke despite it having a shear pin that is supposed to break before anything more serious does.  The supplier posted us a replacement part, which contained both the gearbox and motor, from Queensland.  When it finally arrived Kim installed it only to have it work for about 30 seconds before the motor in the new part died.  After much “not amused” messing around, my useful husband managed to make a conglomerate working whole out of the two non functional parts.  Sometimes I am very glad he is both mechanically and electronically capable.  Still, we don’t feel much like recommending this particular loo at the moment.  Hopefully we will have a trouble free time with it from now on.

On a more pleasant note, we are all going out to dinner at the Guest House in Mole Creek on Tuesday to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary!  Should be nice.


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