Meet Our Neighbours

We have been enjoying the birds and critters around the house this week and have some photos to share with you.

I already sent a photo of a little fantail on her nest.  We have now found a second fantail nest nearby as well.

This is a spotted pardolote.  We are working on getting a photo of him or his missus coming out of their nest, but it is difficult as they nest in a burrow in the side of a hole in the ground and they are pretty flighty!

We have been watching a pair of black faced shrike thrush’s making a nest high in a tree in our front yard.

Then, the most interesting to me was this spotted tail (or tiger) quoll which Josiah found on our verandah the other night.  The quoll slipped down the side of the washing machine and seemed most curious and not really frightened at all when we all came out to see and photograph him.  I wanted to get him out to cuddle, but since they have a reputation for being fierce I restrained myself!  This one was just a youngster being only about 25cm long (head and body) and apparently they grow to be from 50-70cm long.  They eat rats and reptiles amongst other things, so I am hopeful he will hang around and take his fill of baby snakes!  They are even reputed to take out small pademelons so I guess they are pretty mean hunters when they are grown.

Other sightings include Kim thinking he may have glimpsed a devil up near the manor and Caleb seeing our first tiger snake as he was driving out the other day.  We haven’t seen any snakes around the house thankfully, I think we make enough noise to warn them off.  Echidnas and hares can be seen on most days if you look for them, and the dog sees wallabys quite often and chases them and the hares whenever she gets the chance.  We mostly hear the wallabys rather than see them.  We’ve also had visits from brushtail and ringtail possums, including a ringtail mother with her baby on her back, just outside the house.

This is a hare, zooming off as usual.  They blend in so well with the scrub that you just don’t see them until they suddenly decide you are too close and shoot off.

We have numerous superb wrens, fantails, scrub wrens and a dusky robin around the house with plenty of yellow throated honeyeaters and green rosellas ranging a bit further out, and we see occasional black headed honyeaters and yellow tailed black cockies as well.  Other birds are seen less often, and some remain unidentified as yet.  A hawk makes the odd appearance and an eagle flew across the road, chased off by a crow, as we were heading out the other day.

Superb wrens are just gorgeous.

And Scrub wrens are possibly my favourite, because they are so bold and get so close.

The kookaburras serenade us in the mornings and evenings, but they generally don’t hang around nearby.

In other family news, Josiah has got the whole bike riding thing worked out and is off trainer wheels now.  He is very proud and excited about the event and can be found riding his bike up and down the driveway numerous times a day.

And we have finished making the electric fence around the our first dome’s rotation area.  God willing we will be collecting the hens on Monday and can start the permaculture gardening process again.  I’m looking forward to not having to buy eggs!

Well, it is time to go and make lunch now, before heading off to church.  The church service in Mole Creek is at 2pm so we have a fairly relaxed and lazy start to Sunday’s these days.  Sam usually skips breakfast and arrives down from the manor for lunch!


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