Seasons Greetings

Just wanted to send you all our best wishes for the Christmas season and for the new year.  Despite reservations about it’s origins and current state we continue to celebrate Christmas as a time to remember the birth of God’s son.  We have decorated an outside tree this year, it was the right shape and there is much more room outside than inside for a tree!

As city slickers we have been enjoying watching the local farmers making hay and silage.  The paddocks were just so full of grass around here, and even after it has been slashed and rolled into hay rolls it is growing back really fast.  We are also pleased to have two vege gardens up and running now.  The chooks have been a little bit of a disappointment.  We had to teach them how to roost and they seem very confused when we throw them lettuce and cabbage offcuts as if they don’t know it is food.  On top of that they have gone off the lay so we are only getting the occasional egg from the 12 of them and it is very hard to have to buy eggs when you have 12 Isa Browns at home!  Still, they remain uneaten by quolls or devils so we are thankful for that, and I am sure they will adjust to their new lifestyle given time – but we miss the old girls we left behind in Albany.

We pulled the motor from our old VW wagon apart, and were briefly hopeful that the problem was isolated to just one cylinder as there was a broken oil ring and some freaky wear on the piston and gudgeon pins.  However, you can test the wear of a motor by putting the ring into the barrel and measuring the gap with a feeler gauge.  With this motor  it is considered worn if the gap is about 0.4mm.  In this case, as the photo shows, we could fit the whole set of feeler gauges into the gap!  🙂  So the long and the short of it is that we need a new motor.  😦  Surprisingly  there actually is one in Launceston, but we were hoping not to have to spend money like that right now.  However we have a couple of spare Beetle motors so Kim is seeing if he can get one adapted to fit into the wagon.


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