We were working on the second fence line the other day and a whole bunch of Superb Wrens decided to ignore me and bounce around all over this old stump that Kim had recently chopped up.  They were only about a metre away from me.   I had to stop working and go and get the camera because I just love wrens.  We only have one male still in breeding plumage and he didn’t come back again but a few of the others did.

We have finished our second fenceline now.  Half way!  We have to cut more posts before we can do much more though.  Kim’s health has not been so good lately, but we soldier on.  However he is our main chainsaw man so we are hoping he is back on deck soon.  The weather has been cool lately, with lots of frosts in the mornings followed by pleasant days.  The fire has been getting a good workout both in the mornings and afternoon/evenings!  Today however it has been not quite so cold but has been raining fairly constantly, with more rain forecast for tomorrow.  I can’t get over how quickly the days are shortening.  It seems like just a few weeks ago we could keep working outside until 8.30 or 9pm.  Now it is getting dark about 5.30, and by 4.30 it is getting chilly.  Coming off daylight savings makes it appear worse I guess.

Anyway, I best be off to bed.  I’ve been hoping that Josiah would go to sleep before I ventured up the stairs but I think he is still awake.  He is no doubt hungry since he refused to eat his tea and got sent to bed with no supper – although he could always just eat his dinner to resolve the situation.  Children – sigh!!!


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