Pork Anyone

Fencing has had to take a back seat since I last wrote and other than debarking some poles, putting in another corner post and running builders lines to show where the next two fence lines will go there has been no more progress.  We have however finished setting up the new composting toilet, which is a relief.  🙂  I would like it to have its own room sometime, it is currently in the bathroom, but thankfully it does not smell as promised and this time the system should fully cope with all of us using it.

A large amount of time has gone into the planning, preparation and work of turning our little boy pig Wilbur, seen here rooting happily around his yard ….

into this.

No spider called Charlotte in this story.  He was only 4-5 months old but our sources said that we should do the deed before his hormones kicked in.  We also figured that it would make it easier for us to do a much smaller animal the first time.  So Kim shot the poor fellow and then he and Caleb did the hanging, skinning, gutting thing.  Kim said it was good to find that those wasted years of his youth when he was into hunting should come to be of some practical use after all these years.  Caleb did the butchering of the carcass the following day into dinner sized portions.  He was also pleased to be able to put his experience from his days at the abattoir to good use.  He still had his knives too which was useful.   I took photos of the whole process but managed to restrain myself from sending them to you.  🙂

I am however pleased to report that Wilbur suffered no stress in the process, that was a definite advantage of doing the job ourselves as he was quite unconcerned to the end.  It was a bit like in Babe where the pig wonders if food comes out of the long shiny barrel.  We figure that at least with us he got to enjoy his short life and he could root around to his hearts content as a pig is meant to do.

We have ordered our replacement boar, just a slip of a thing (pun intended just for all the pig people out there).  He is a Tamworth and is coming over from Victoria as we have not found any of that breed available in Tassie, and Caleb particularly wanted a Tamworth.  (His second choice was Saddleback.)  According to the breeder he is a “stunning boar” and the pick of their 50 odd freshly weaned piglets.  I wish we could afford to get a girl to come with him but we will have to wait a bit longer to start our purebred breeding.  Pigs are such social creatures though that it would have been nice to think that he had company on the trip.

Enough of pigs!  Our boldest neighbourhood possum has taken to visiting us on a daily basis now, or rather a nightly basis.  He was getting so tame that he would just about knock on the door each night.  However the other evening the dog managed to get out while he was on the verandah, which has made him a bit more cautious!  However he will overcome a lot of timidity for the sake of an apple.

I have decided that we are definitely changing in our expectations of life.  Yesterday the boys were heading off in the car to watch a game of soccer in Devonport.  Lydia and I had been considering the option of getting turkeys and since there were some advertised in the paper I said, somewhat tongue in cheek, that we may need them to collect some turkeys after the game.  I was expecting some raised eyebrows or mildly sarcastic comments but instead they just said “Oh, okay, should we take a box or something to bring them home in?”  And they did.  So we are now the owners of 3 young turkeys, two hens and one gobbler.  I haven’t had the chance to take photos of them yet so that will have to be in the next email.  They are such wierd looking birds.  Josiah has declared himself to be responsible for the turkeys, and was very keen to get out and feed them this morning.  Hopefully the enthusiasm will last.  The only worry is that he wants to name them, and he isn’t coming up with very creative ideas yet.

We continue to enjoy being involved in our little church.  We are currently transporting both Torrie and Diane to and from church since Torrie’s fall.  Kim has also been roped into playing the organ twice a month.  He doesn’t feel that he is really good enough at it, but no one seems to mind if he makes the odd mistake and I think he is improving all the time.  He is also going to preach at Deloraine Uniting this coming Sunday.  He would appreciate prayer for that I am sure as it is rather different to speaking to our own little congregation – which after all he has only done twice.  He is reasonably confident in what to say but not so sure about the whole public speaking side and it tends to come across very much as if he is reading.  However he was asked if he would speak there and he felt that he should not say no.


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