New Pig

Well today we got a new pig.  Sweetie is a 7yo black sow who has been living in nearby Deloraine since she was a piglet.  We are not sure what breed she is but she is completely black, so possibly has some Berkshire in her.  She has now come to live with us and we got to introduce her to the crew.

She seems to be a lovely gentle sow.  We were going to keep them apart for a few days to get used to each other but our girls nipped through the fence to meet her anyway (they figured if we were there the fence was probably turned off, and this time they were right).  They all got on so well that we have let them stay together for a while, much to the delight of the little ones as that meant there was new ground for them to dig up.  I’ll have to take a picture of what the ground looks like tomorrow so you can see how much digging they do in a short while.

We hope to get Sweetie in pig sometime soon.  She has had one litter a few years back and was a good mum.  We are thrilled to have her, and the price – free and delivered – was a real blessing!


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