Livestock News

I took some more photos of Sweetie today.  She managed to squash the little pigs’ A-frame shelter on her first day.  We were busy up the house building her own nice big shelter, but she obviously got tired of waiting and tried out the little shelter instead.  When we carried her nice big house down to put in her pen, the poor little one had popped at the seams and the floor was broken.  She was very pleased to have her own shelter instead and immediately set about making a nest out of straw in it.  She is settling in well, although I have to admit that a big pig can be a scary thing.  The others look so tiny beside her.

She has this way of coming up to the fence and huffing deeply at us, then she opens her mouth a bit in a sort of a piggy smile.  I think it is supposed to look friendly but it tends to come off a bit threatening instead – don’t tell her that though, we don’t want to upset her feelings.  🙂

We have found that she generally settles down after she has had a chance to sniff our hands.  Perhaps she is just assuring herself that we have no hidden food.  Alternatively it might just be a pig thing as they like to sniff each others noses when they meet.

We are a little wary of her as she has swung around a couple of times and bitten at legs, but she respects the fence very well so that gives us a good feeling of security.  We let her out to range in the paddock at first but have now decided to leave her in her own sectioned off area until we are all more used to each other.  She likes to follow us around if we are doing anything nearby, but mostly she likes food!  As much as she can get, and as often.  We gave her a whole pumpkin today and all stood and watched as she demolished it with relish.

I promised a “day after” photo of the little pig’s area and this is what it looked like.  They just love to root up the grass and get at grubs and things underneath.  We are currently letting them out into the paddock during the day and locking them up in here again in the evening.  They are loving it!

Josiah’s gobbler has started to display now.  He thinks he is very beautiful, and goes around to each of the chicken domes to make sure that all of the chooks get to see how wonderful he is too.  The turkeys have been free ranging in the gardens during the day but hopefully this week we will move their shelter out into the paddock and they can range out into the bush and grass there instead. I want them out of the gardens before spring comes or I will get no veges growing.

Lydias cross breed hens are laying well, the chicks that she raised started to lay on her birthday which she thought was a nice present, and my hens are laying some too.  Lyd now has a breeding trio of Barnevelder chooks as well, bought with her birthday money.  We can also report that the eggs in the incubator appear to be growing as they should so far.  We were given some eggs when we picked up the Barnevelder’s and decided that rather than eating them we would put them in the incubator too.  It will be interesting to see what they come out being (assuming they do hatch) as there were Light Sussex and Dorking chooks running around that farm as well as the Barnevelders, so they could be a mixture of any of those.  Now we have to build a brooder, assuming that the chicks will hatch.

I believe that the task for this coming week is to build a greenhouse.  I’m not sure how long it will take to make but it will be lovely to have somewhere good to raise seedlings.

Church is going well, the fireplace is working well and makes a lot of difference to the old hall.  We really enjoy helping out the old folk and getting to know them.  They have lots of interesting stories to tell of life in the past, and are full of fun.  I hope I can be as active as they are when I am that age!


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