And now a greenhouse

Over the last two weeks we have been making a greenhouse.  Kim did a good job of making it square and stable, although it has yet to experience any of the winds that we get around here to test it out thoroughly.  🙂  We hope that this will give my seedlings a little more of a headstart this spring.


I have some fine seed raising mix up the end to get seeds started in.

And I have lots of milk container pots waiting for pinching seedlings into, though I need to get some soil organised to fill the pots with.

I was disappointed with the gardens last year and hope that they will do better this spring after having the chickens on them again digging in straw and chook manure.  It seems that our soil is a bit acidic which hampers a lot of plants, but the solution seems to be “add organic matter” so we will give it another go.

Our first batch of chicks are now 1 week old.  The one on the left has a bung leg, the cause of which I can’t work out, but he manages to get around pretty well in spite of it.  They eat well and cheep and bounce around a lot.  We had a lovely sunny day on Saturday so they got to go into their outside run for a little while and had a great time.  We had one more which hatched last weekend, but sadly it died the same afternoon.  Overall it was a little disappointing that we only got 3 chicks from 12 eggs, although we are thankful to have the 3.  Of the other 8 eggs there were 4 chicks dead in the shells and 4 eggs that did not develop much.  We are left guessing a bit as to whether the temp may have been too low or the ventilation not enough or the humidity too low or some other problem with our incubator set up.  Then again some folk say that 50% success rate is normal.  We’ll have to see what we can do to improve the system if needed, we still have our next batch of chicks coming so we will see how they go.

So our Barnevelder x Light Sussex eggs were due to hatch today and so far we have another 3 chicks from them. We’re still waiting to see if we get more but are not quite as hopeful as we were last weekend.  One of these chicks is quite small and I am a bit worried about him but the other two seem to be good and healthy.


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