Counting the chickens

Our chicken hatching is complete and as well as the three original grey chicks (Australorp cross) we now have another 6 yellow chicks (Light Sussex cross Barnevelder). This second hatching was much better as we got 6 chicks from 12 eggs of which 1 was infertile. They are growing at a rate and we are now able to keep them all in together. Even the undersize chick seems to be going well so far.
Lydia even put them outside in the run we have prepared for them for a little while today so she could clean out their brooder box.  They had a ball scratching at the dirt and running around, but it was too cold to leave them there for long even with a heat lamp inside.
Our poor longsuffering dog has even been introduced to the cause of all that chirping.
I have to admit that they really are cute!
All but one of Lydia’s pullets are laying now, and even my old Isa Browns are laying pretty well.  We got 11 eggs today.  There is a variety of shapes and sizes.  The dark brown ones are from the Barnevelders, the white ones from the cross breed bantams or Australorp and the rest from one other cross breed hen and the Isa Browns.  We have no trouble disposing of the eggs, especially not at this time of year as most people’s hens have not come back on the lay yet so I can pass them on to church folk and neighbours with ease.  If we still have a surplus to our own needs then the pigs LOVE them.
The weather has been rather cold this week, and this morning we even had a smattering of snow on the ground in the clear areas.  Not enough to make a snowman though!  I picked up some stock feed from a farm on the other side of Mt Roland today, and the farmer whose land is about 380m above sea level said that he had about 2-3 inches of snow this morning – but that it didn’t last long once the sun came up.

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  1. Jeanette Says:

    They are really cute!!!!!

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