Sun fun and snow

We decided that if we wanted to see snow again this year we better get a move on or it would be too late.  We had fresh snow on the mountains this last week and since today promised to be lovely and sunny we thought it would be a good time to do it so off we headed.  We stopped on the way at lovely little spot by a river for a picnic lunch.

It was almost rainforest in places, and had picnic tables, pit toilet and wood barbeque spots with wood.  Rather nice really and I presume people could camp there.  It was part of Mole Creek Karst National Park.

Then we continued on.  We had been told to take the road to Devils Gullet and that we would hit snow on the way.  Sure enough we did.  It was a pleasant 12 degrees at home today, well pleasant if you were in the sunshine anyway.  However it was only about 2 degrees up on the mountain.

Since our snow chains only fit the old volkswagens and not the cars we currently have licensed we parked and went for a walk on foot – as did a number of other families.  We enjoyed snowball fights on the way.

After a little while we got to a small area where people were sledding down a sheltered slope on body boards.  They offered us the use of their body boards when they went to get lunch and we gratefully accepted.

Sam could really get up some speed, and at one stage even bounced up the rise onto the road.  I thought he was going to just keep going down the mountain!

Caleb was going rather fast too, and as always looked pretty amusing with his head of hair.

I took a somewhat more sedate method – as in not face first!  It was still fun.

Lydia liked the sitting up method best too.

Josiah of course had a great time, even when falling off.

Zia was wearing soccer boots which gave him a great advantage in walking up the slopes.  We have decided we must get our own body boards for next time we go.  It was good fun.

Kim didn’t have a go this time – his arthritic ankles were playing up – but he did enjoy taking lots of photos.

Thats it for now.  🙂


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