Greenhouse Visit

Here is my main seed raising area.  I used two different brands of seed raising mix. It has made more of a difference than I expected.  I would like to experiment a bit more with it to see if it is because the Yates one has a slow release fertilizer in it or if it is the soil itself as Yates seems to have a more sandy mixture.

Now a slightly closer look at the seedlings in the Grow Better soil.  The onions at the front are looking good  as are the sunflowers at the back and you can just see the first tomato in the leftmost of the empty middle areas.  There is also one visible parsley in the rightmost middle area.  Still no sign of the other tomatoes in the far right, but hopefully they won’t be long.  I think I actually have one freze lettuce up now too.

Here is our first Amish Paste tomato.  There are more coming.  Yay, I love tomatoes and we really use them.

The rocket is not doing much.  I have put a few into pots with our regular soil to see if they take off any faster.

I did the same with some turnips too, as they have “stalled” as well.

Now a closer look at the seedlings in the Yates soil. The parsnips are looking good up the front next to the shallots.  The red cabbage seems to be taking a while to get going and I think the brocolli might actually be looking better in the other soil.  The celery is coming up now, it is next to the parsnips though it’s too small to see in the photo.

The silverbeet in the Yates soil is looking good, though they do not have their second leaves yet.

They are markedly smaller in the other soil, following the general trend.

Cabbages are similar.  This is the Yates soil.

And the GB soil.  I was careful to try to take the photos from the same distance away to give you a good comparison.  You can see the parsnips on the left.

On the other shelf the herb area is coming along.  The evening primrose and basil are both coming up now.  Today I got a few more trays ready for when my new herbs arrive.  Hopefully they will come this week.

The mustard is looking very healthy.  After taking the photos I pinched them out and the roots were HUGE.  The plants themselves were about 2-3cm high and some of them had roots at least 15cm long.  I have put them 3 to a pot, and am glad that I did not wait for the second leaves with them.

Borage is a funny looking seedling.

The swedes look healthy but there is no sign of second leaves, they are in the GB soil as I had more of it.  Our first cucumber is also starting to appear, although you could not say it was up yet.

Now for a look at the pots.  All the peas are starting to come up now which is good to see.

And here are some of the kale and lettuce that I pinched out a few days ago.

Some of the kale are getting more leaves, they look good.

I pinched out some of the GB soil lettuce at the same time – not hard to tell which ones they are.  🙂

The sunflower seeds that I planted directly into pots are coming up.  

And finally this is my larger lettuce that I planted before the greenhouse was built.  Most of the kale and cabbage seedlings from that planting will probably be thrown out as the new ones look like overtaking them in size and vigour but the lettuce seem to be going well.  I can probably plant them out in a week or so.


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    Thank you for yor idea.

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