More Milkenunny Times

We have missed Kim heaps over the last 2 weeks but were so very pleased that he was able to spend the last week and a half with his dad before he passed away on Friday.  They had some precious times together like when Kim’s 102 year old great grandmother came to visit his dad in the hospital, and just to be able to be there and to help in various ways and talk was a great blessing.  The last day in particular was very emotional but rather wonderful as his dad said he was “ready to go home” and was praying and reciting christian songs before he passed away.  The funeral is organised for 1.30pm this coming Thursday and then Kim will probably head home.  He is contemplating slipping down to Albany for the weekend to catch up with a few folks since he is so close (well, compared to here) but really wants to head home as soon as he can, so I am not sure yet what he will decide.  In the meantime he is staying with his step-mum Hope and helping to sort out a few things.

Back at home we finished the turkey house that we were in the middle of when Kim left, complete with roost and 2 nesting boxes.

Then we had to carry it down the driveway to the paddock, that was fun (not!), but the turkeys are nice and safe inside there at nights, and free range during the days.

The boys have also been working on a new pig house for our big pig.   Sweetie thought the wood framed one we made was too narrow so she decided to make some adjustments herself and somewhat widened it, so we thought a new one was in order.

We were tossing up about just putting up a strawbale shelter for her but in the end decided that we would make a metal framed house.  The cost was not a lot different and so we opted for another permanent structure so the boys have been welding up the frame as weather permits.  We are hoping to get it finished early this week.  We are also hoping that this one lasts a bit better.  We measured Sweetie’s length and made it wider than she is long, so here’s hoping!

Not to be outdone Lydia and I have been remaking the turkey dome (which was really too large for the pipe strength) into a regular sized dome again.

Lydia has also got more fertile eggs incubating. There are 12 barnevelder eggs which were sent from NSW, as well as a few from the chooks we have.

Her previous batch of chicks are now 5 and 6 weeks respectively and they live permanently outside, thankfully.  No more early morning cheeping!  Their box has a lamp since we are still having some cold nights, but in a few more weeks they will not need that and they will be able to graduate to the gardens and a full size dome.  It has been interesting to watch them grow.  Their behaviour is so instinctive and so chook-like from such an early age.

We also have a new member in the menagerie.  An ewe in the paddock of some friends died this weekend and we got ourselves an orphan lamb.  Sam has declared himself responsible for her since he was the only one without a critter to care for.  She is needing a bit of encouragement to eat and is pretty quiet so far but hopefully she will get stronger as time goes on and will adapt well to her new lifestyle.  She is about 4 weeks old so is not a tiny lamb, her name is Tavi.  Right now she is sleeping under the bench in my kitchen.  Sometimes I think we are just a little bit mad.  🙂

My seedlings are growing.  I  have planted some out into the gardens this weekend and hope to get more going in the greenhouse.  The weather is still pretty cool over here but I am looking forward to being able to get cucumbers and tomatoes and corn and all those yummy things happening soon.  In the meantime my peas are going great as are the cabbages, kale and lettuce.  I am still learning what to plant when over here but will get there in the end.  Hopefully we will get a better harvest than last year.


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