A poult

Had to tell you of our new arrival.  Turkettic the gobbler has managed to hatch a poult and I could not resist the chance to get some photos.

Hope you enjoy them.

The family at home.

Love you dad!

Heading out for a walk.

A bit of a size difference.

Like father like poult.

Dad takes big long strides that are rather hard for a little fella to keep up with.

Its a big wide world out here.

Independent kid.

Come on kiddo, time to go home.

Meanwhile, Marigold is being the ideal mother hen with her 3 chicks.  I am not so sure that the turkeys will do as well raising their bubs!

The previous chicks that Lydia hatched in her incubator are now a good size!  Their voices are just starting to break, by which I mean that they are stopping cheeping and beginning to cluck instead.  🙂


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