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Christmas Greetings

December 23, 2008

Christmas Greetings.


Life has seemed rather hectic lately and I seem to have not sent an email for ages.  I think looking after my 17 poults (baby turkeys) has managed to use up any free time I had!


I don’t know if you ever read the Dr Seuss book “Fish out of Water” where a boy feeds a fish too much and it wont stop growing?  He puts it into bigger and bigger containers until it no longer fits anywhere.  I’ve been feeling a bit like that with my poults.  They started off in a cardboard box in the kitchen for a week or two, then moved to a wooden box in the yard which we fixed up to be a brooder box.  That lasted a couple more weeks before we needed to adapt a dog kennel into a home for them.  Here they all are having a feeding frenzy outside their house.


They spend as much time as possible outside during the day, but that is not as easy as it sounds.  Unlike the chickens who were very happy to be in a dome by themselves, the poults do not like to be left without their parent.  And guess who they think is their parent?


Actually, any person will do.  But when left alone they huddle together and call for us.  Thankfully they are becoming more used to managing without us actually being outside with them.  So long as they can hear us in the house they will hang around outside and hunt for bugs, scratch for worms, eat all my flowers and other turkey type stuff.  It is fun to take them for a walk though.  They follow along behind in the sweetest way.


Other than the turkeys things are going along as normal here.  We are doing more fencing, the usual stock care and everyone is taking it in turns to get unwell.  🙂   Our crop of spuds is growing, much to my delight, as are the veggie gardens.



The pigs continue to grow, and work hard at digging up the ground for us, at least whenever they are not having another siesta!


Josiah has had his 8th birthday since I last wrote.  He had a great day, as little boys do when they get new things!  Caleb and Sam have begun playing Futsal (indoor soccer) in Devonport once a week, which they enjoy.  Lydia’s latest news is that she got another hen with 14 chicks today to add to her collection.  She also hopes to have some chicks hatch from her batch of blue eggs soon – although from our candling it looks like we will only get 3 at  most out of the 12 eggs as many were not fertile.  However we incubated some of our own eggs as well so we’ll see how many we end up with.


The kids have got me reading Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe detective novels which I quite enjoy, even more so after watching the film series that has been made very authentically.  I have been slogging my way through War and Peace, but am finding it hard to continue because I don’t actually like any of the characters, and I rather doubt that anything good is going to happen to anyone in the end.  I have read a biography of George Whitefield and one of Charles Spurgeon just recently which I really enjoyed.  I am now reading one of Spurgeon’s books which I am finding very helpful.

We have continued to be involved in our local church and also at the Christmas carols function in Mole Creek where I had a craft table for making Christmas cards.  We are having a Christmas service at our church this year, just carols and bible readings, but it should be fun.  Kim is playing the keyboard with Caleb on guitar and Sam on tin whistle for the music, so that will be a bit different.

Well, I best finish up for now.  All the best to you for Christmas.  May you remember the Christ who gives the day it’s name.