Just Quickly

Just a few pictures to fill in on our latest news.

Lyd has yet another hen, Sandy, with 13 chicks.  They certainly keep her busy.


And you can see our turkey poults are growing up.  They are losing the fluff from their heads and looking much more like miniature turkeys now.


Whilst clearing the path for the new fenceline this last week we came across a fantail nest in the scrub under a tree we were cutting the low branches off.  I was glad to find it before we dropped a branch from the tree on top of it.  We decided we could leave the branch until the baby birds grow up – big softies.


The parents are so brave, they try to distract you from the nest by coming close and twittering.


Mum is back on the nest now and we hope she escapes the notice of any predators and manages to raise the brood to adulthood.


Thats all for now, I managed to twang my back again this week and so am somewhat limited in what I can do.  Even sitting before the computer for too long is difficult!


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