Look what arrived today! Our very own Dexter cow with 2 wk old x-breed calf. 


We finished madly removing all the bracken from this newly sectioned off piece of land about an hour before they arrived, then we had the challenge of finding a good spot to get her off the truck. It all worked well in the end, although a proper loading ramp has been added to the list of things to do. We got some good ideas of how to make one from the people we bought her from so that should help. She seems to be settling in okay, doesn’t mind the pigs in the paddock next door. She has been used as a house cow by the people who had her previous to the lady we bought her from, but has just been rearing calves for the last few years. The plan is to make a small yard for the calf to go into overnight so that we can milk her each morning, then she will be with the calf all day. She is a bit out of practice with regards to being handled so we’ll just work on it slowly for the moment. None of us has ever hand milked a cow before but the internet is full of helpful information. 🙂


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