A spot of Autumn pruning

We got the trees behind the house cut down yesterday. This is what it looked like before (although the 7 easy ones were cut down ages ago) All of the 6 remaining trees leaned towards the building and really wanted to fall on top of it so we did not dare to cut them down ourselves. 


A local (Rod, whose mother was a Howe) came to help and they climbed up a tall ladder and tied a chain as high up on the trunk as they could reach. They connected the chain to a big long steel rope that was run through a pulley mounted at the base of a tree a good distance away and then attached to the back of Rod’s ute which he had weighed down with an anvil and tractor bucket amongst other things. That meant that they were not pulling the tree towards the vehicle. 


Then they made the standard cuts in each of the trees to be felled, taking a wedge out on the side that they wanted it to fall towards and making a higher cut from the other side. Finally they would pull them down with the ute. This is a photo of one of them going down.


Quite a few of them bounced which was kinda interesting to see.  It worked a treat and we now have no threatening trees overhanging the house. 


And we have just a few logs to cut into rounds and chop up for firewood.



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