Visitors and various events

We had a lovely lot of visitors last week.  On Sunday Simon and Helen and their family came around after church.  The children had been keen to meet our new cow.  We gave them the “petting zoo” tour; they got to feed the cow a carrot, pat pigs, stroke rabbits, hold turkeys and pet chooks.  All good stuff.  Then we managed to scrounge up enough tea to feed all 13 of us.

On Monday we had Keith and Judith visit.  We know them from Albany Baptist.  They brought along Margaret for another visit.  Margaret and her husband Les are now living in Devonport. not too far away.  They also brought a whole bunch of hot cross buns that we feasted upon for afternoon tea.  It turned out that Keith was another one of those who used to have pigs.  So many folk have recalled fond memories of pig keeping whenever they meet or hear about our lot.  It was lovely to catch up with them and to hear a little about how things are going back in Albany.

On Tuesday morning we had a visit from Noela who we met at the monthly community tea.  That meant we did our third tour for the week to show Noela around.  As an old hand at milking she was tempted to show us how it was done, but a stern head shake and leg stomp from Isabelle made her postpone it for the time being.  After being dragged around the block we had a nice lunch together.

Tuesday evening John arrived.  John is from America and plays an internet game that Kim and the boys play called SW mud.  Since he was coming to Australia for a holiday he thought he would like to meet some more “mudders” while he was here so he made the trip across the strait, hired a car and came to stay.  He had the honour of being our first visitor to stay in the caravan.  The caravan isn’t all sealed up yet but he didn’t let that stop him.

On Wednesday Kim took Caleb to the airport.  Caleb was making a very quick trip to Perth to attend his good mate Adrian’s wedding.  John took himself for a drive up to Burnie and back.

On Thursday Kim and John headed off to the caves in John’s hire car.  They never made it as they were involved in a head on collision on the way.  Going around a blind twisty bend John began to list to the right and sadly there was a 4WD coming the other way.  I guess since they drive on the right over in the US his automatic reaction was to pull right instead of left which did not help.  The end result was that the hire car was a write off but by God’s grace everyone was able to walk away from the accident.  The 4WD contained a family with 2 young children on holiday from Victoria and Kim was relieved to see that the kids were both in good child seats and were okay.  Kim himself ended up going to hospital for x-rays and has a cracked rib and lots of bruising.  I drove up to collect him from LaTrobe hospital late in the day.  John was okay, though a bit bruised and shocked.

Friday I had to collect carrots up north so dropped John at Sheffield to explore while I did that.  Then I took him to visit the caves later.

Saturday I made a slow trip to Launceston airport via various tourist attractions and waved goodbye to John there, and then finally got back home rather late in the evening.

Sunday Kim braved the car again for the trip to church.  He is slowly recovering but feels pretty beat up.  He has some great bruises but keeps slowly plodding along doing what he can.

Another trip to Launceston was needed when Caleb arrived back on Monday morning after surviving the midnight horror flight from Perth.  At last things are returning to normal.  🙂  I am such a homebody, I like normality!  Two trips to Launceston and two to Devonport in one week is too much for me!


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