I guess some things have stood the test of time.  My internet savvy kids often load up podcasts for their iPods.  It seems such a modern day thing to do but essentially the podcasts are like radio shows that are available from the web, and they can cover all sorts of topics.  Sam regularly subscribes to a sci-fi writing one for instance.  Recently, however they have been really listening to radio shows, just via the internet and their ipods instead of by the old fashioned radio waves.  They particularly like comedy shows from the BBC and the latest favourite is “Just a Minute” where 4 people, usually comedians, have to talk for 60 seconds on a given subject without hesitation, repetition or deviation.  How many oldies out there remember that show?  Apparently it has been running for about 40 years!  The kids love it.  Their next favourite is “I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue” which has been around a goodly while too, and they love to play me various sections of that show as well.  I guess when a show can be entertaining over a few generations it is doing pretty well.

Since I am writing I guess I should do a quick catch up.  It is hard to tell the original turkeys from the young ones now. In fact if we did not have leg rings on the older hens we would be battling to tell them apart.  We have been putting leg rings on the males when they display so that we can tell them apart when it comes to dinner time.  We have only eaten one young turkey so far as it would be good if they could grow a bit more.  Perhaps another month.  The one we did eat was very tasty, though a bit smaller than I had hoped.  Dressed weight was 2kg.  Of course they are not the same breed of turkey that you get in the supermarket.  Those are Big Breasted Whites which grow to a phenomenal size.  The poor things cannot breed naturally so they do AI with them, which was something I had no intention of getting involved with, I’d rather have smaller birds!


 They love free ranging and hunting insects, particularly grasshoppers.  Occasionally they stray across the road into the cow paddock and hunt over there and we have to go and herd them back.  Mind you I think they do a lot more good eating the bugs there which counters the ill effects of them snaffling a bit of clover while they are there.


Kim has been slowly improving after the car accident.  He has recently been working on cars again.  We bought a kombi with 2 motors for a song recently and Kim had to pull out the motor, fix it and reinstall it.  He actually quite enjoyed the job as he hasn’t worked on a VW motor for a while.  But it took him a bit longer with his aches and pains than it would have without.


Still the job is done as of last Saturday and we are making good use of the car already.  In the photo below we had just 10 bales of straw, 6 x 40kg bags of barley and a big bag of chaff, as well as 4 people.  Kim thinks we could fit 21 bales of hay in it if we tried.  🙂  The kombi also has the advantage of having 6 seats so we can all travel somewhere together in just one vehicle if we want to.  We hope that it will ultimately replace the ute once the trailer that we found buried in the bush on our block is renovated and put back into service.


Kim has also had to spend some time working on the passat when the speedo cable broke and it decided that it did not want to go into reverse anymore.  I am always thankful for Kim’s mechanical abilities when he just gets out there and fixes stuff like that.  Our passat for spares has paid for itself yet again with gearbox linkage parts and also a replacement speedo and speedo cable.


On the subject of cars our dear Audi is in trouble again.  It has a gearbox problem, not as serious as the trouble it had before but enough to put it off the road for a while.  Kim is pretty sure that he can fix it himself this time, but it is a matter of finding the time and taking it apart to see.  It may have to wait until the cold weather is over.  The second motor that came with the kombi is the right sort to go into our old VW wagon so that will probably be our next vehicle project.

In the garden we got out and dug up the remainder of our potatoes the other week.  We want to be able to give this section back to the pigs soon so thought it best to take out what we wanted first.  I am also busy bottling tomatoes, though most of them are from a friend’s garden rather than our own.  We did better with the vegetables this year though and are still picking fresh tomatoes from our vege plots.  We even got some capsicum grown this year as we did not have as much trouble with frost.


I had to laugh the other morning when I could see steam coming off the washing in the morning sunshine.  I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to put the washing out on the line.  I guess all too soon it will be hanging up in our tiny lounge room again.


Sam has been unwell a lot again lately with his food allergies.  We discovered that the bread improver we were using had wheat in it, which I’m sure it didn’t have in the past, but he has cut that out to see if it helps.  Caleb has also had various stomach wogs since returning from Perth but is getting better now.  The boys keep busy when they are well enough with cows, pigs and doing more fencing amongst other things.  They also love to play Futsal (indoor soccer) with their team “The Beckham Bananas”.  Lydia keeps pretty well, busy with schoolwork and chooks and dreaming of a pony.  Josiah also seems to stay pretty healthy.  He has just discovered Asterix books and keeps disappearing for an hour at a time reading them.  In fact that is what he is doing as I write.


Incidentally our homemade ham is due out of the pickle this Saturday.  Then we get to dry it and try it out.  If you don’t hear from me again you’ll know why.  🙂


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