Just had to share some pig news.  This is Mirax as she has looked for the last 8 days since her mammary glands enlarged and we figured that she was due to have the piglets sometime in the next 14 days.  She started nesting last night, gathering lots of branches and bits and pieces to add to all the straw she had in her shelter which meant that the piglets would be coming soon.


And now she is farrowing (having her piglets) as I write.  This one is just born.


While this one has had a feed and gone exploring to find mum’s head.


Now time for a snooze between sucks.


Mirax is still a bit pre-occupied with giving birth, but the little ones seem to find their way around just fine.




The count is up to five so far.  All of them are redheads like their father a Tamworth.


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