Wet Winter

We have been having a lovely wet winter this year.  The other weekend we had 130mm of rain over one weekend, most of it on the Saturday.  In just one day our lake paddock filled up.


It is not terribly deep in most of the lake but the water certainly does spread out a long way.


The cows were most disgusted as they had been enjoying the extra space since we finished fencing there.  However it does not stop them from exploring.  We did however have to disengage the bottom four wires of this electric fence.


The birds seem to be really enjoying the water, we even had some ducks visit yesterday.


Everyone has had flooding in the area.  Water was flowing over the road on our way to church on Sunday.


Since then we have had some beautiful sunny days with lovely foggy mornings.


No doubt you get sick of hearing about our pigs but it is all very exciting for us.  Pigachu had 11 piglets in the end, 5 orange and 6 pink ones (some with orange patches).  She seems very fond of her babies.  This photo was when they were just a day or two old.


Pigachu very wisely moved her family into the new shelter once the rain set in.  They are often out and about nowadays.


The first batch of piglets are doing well also.  Their poor mum has been finding them all a bit much lately, there is no escape!


They also take liberties with their dad.


So we have just fenced off a new area for them and separated them yesterday.  None of them seem to mind too much.  Mirax (the mum) has been looking a bit peaked so we are hoping that some time to herself and not having to fight over the food will soon have her looking like her old self.



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