Ice and Frost

I couldn’t resist putting up some photos from this morning.  We had a minimum of -2.5 degrees last night which is by no means as cold as it gets here but our new lake paddock was completely frozen over.  It did not warm up much during the day getting to a max of abut 9 degrees and we had frost in the shady areas all day.

Anyway, to the photos – that is all ice.  Not thick ice of course but lots of it.


It was cold out there, I had on my big long black coat, a beanie and gloves too.


I  had to wonder how the frogs were getting on with the ice over everything.  They have been singing loudly lately.


The frost on the grass at the edge of the lake was crunchy underfoot.


And the frost on the tree branches was just beautiful when the sun finally reached them.


When the sun comes up it warms the ground and makes a mist rise.  It is just beautiful to see.


This is looking over the neighbour’s paddocks, still frosty even though the sun is on them.


Lydia went around breaking the ice on all the water troughs.  Pigachu was grateful.


She was mobbed when she went back to her shelter.



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