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Wet wet wet

August 24, 2009

It has been so wet over here this Winter.  The older folks at church say it is like it was back in the old days.  The lakes out the front of our property have become REAL lakes.  We used to smirk when we called them lakes because they seemed to hold very little water and for only a short time, at least during the last two years, but this year we are treating them with much more respect!

Check out the Western Lake photos from last year compared to this year.  Last year looking from the driveway it looked like this:


And this is what it looked like this last week – it has actually risen more since the photo was taken.  It tends to rise the day after rain and we have had 92mm since Friday.


In 2008 looking towards the driveway.


And this year looking towards the driveway.  It is actually quite deep.


I must get fresh photos of the Eastern Lake which has taken over pretty much all of our newly fenced area.  Although it is not as deep as the Western Lake it is getting deeper all the time and is very wide spread.  Tomorrow we will have to move the piglets up into the gardens as their area is being slowly stolen by water.  It is good that we can get to see what the place is like when it is really wet so we know more what to expect.  I will be interested to see how long it takes to dry out.  The photos from last year were taken at the end of September so it could be a good few months before the place dries out.  No sooner does the water level start to fall than we have a bunch of rain again, and with rain forecast for most of this week I guess it will continue to rise.  Thankfully the area near the house seems to stay nice and dry.

We have sold 8 of our piglets now, with another 7 to go.  We will probably advertise them in the paper this coming weekend.  We are keeping 4.  They are rather sweet as you can see.  I hope they will go to nice homes where they can get to dig in the ground like a pig should before they grow nice and fat enough to eat.


We were supposed to be taking our remaining two Berkshires to the butchers yesterday but due to unforeseen circumstances ended up having to slaughter and dress them ourselves.  I am here to tell you that it all gets harder as they get bigger!

Lydia’s News

August 12, 2009

Our hens are coming into the lay again after their annual holiday over winter.  We get a lovely variety of colours and sizes.  Last week Lydia got her first blue egg!  The Aracauna hens are small, and so are the eggs – about 40gm – but they should increase in size eventually.


The blue goes all the way through the shell, but the egg contents are the same as always.


On the subject of strange coloured foods, we ate some different potatoes tonight, they look black on the outside but are a deep purple inside.  They look really wierd but tasted just fine.  The kids say it looks like playdoh.


Lyd has also been enjoying riding Zorro.  They have had the odd battle of wills but she is doing well with him.  It doesn’t pay to ride him on windy days though as he shies at everything he passes.



Zorro was being so good the other day that we even let Josiah sit on him, but he found it pretty scary up there and didn’t want to stay for long.


We continue to have more rain and the lakes are still full.  I guess they will dry up one day and we will have paddocks again instead.  To make the most of it I went and bought a toy remote control boat so we can play with all that water.  🙂   It was a balmy 14 degrees today and Josiah and I took the boat for a spin.  Josiah decided it would be fun to roll up his trousers and get into the water as well!


He ended up chasing the boat all around, and also rescued it once when it got stuck in some reeds.  He seemed to be having fun.