Lydia’s News

Our hens are coming into the lay again after their annual holiday over winter.  We get a lovely variety of colours and sizes.  Last week Lydia got her first blue egg!  The Aracauna hens are small, and so are the eggs – about 40gm – but they should increase in size eventually.


The blue goes all the way through the shell, but the egg contents are the same as always.


On the subject of strange coloured foods, we ate some different potatoes tonight, they look black on the outside but are a deep purple inside.  They look really wierd but tasted just fine.  The kids say it looks like playdoh.


Lyd has also been enjoying riding Zorro.  They have had the odd battle of wills but she is doing well with him.  It doesn’t pay to ride him on windy days though as he shies at everything he passes.



Zorro was being so good the other day that we even let Josiah sit on him, but he found it pretty scary up there and didn’t want to stay for long.


We continue to have more rain and the lakes are still full.  I guess they will dry up one day and we will have paddocks again instead.  To make the most of it I went and bought a toy remote control boat so we can play with all that water.  🙂   It was a balmy 14 degrees today and Josiah and I took the boat for a spin.  Josiah decided it would be fun to roll up his trousers and get into the water as well!


He ended up chasing the boat all around, and also rescued it once when it got stuck in some reeds.  He seemed to be having fun.



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