Lost and Found

Well, the rain has continued since I last emailed, and it is raining as I write, although it is forecast to be fine for a few days from tomorrow.  Can’t wait!  We have been digging lately.  Firstly we found and dug out the access to a culvert under the road at the front of our block.  It has really helped to keep the Eastern Lake from filling any further, although it is still pretty full.  The Western Lake has filled up beautifully and I have plans to get myself a rubber dingy to go and play on it.


The rain has been revealing in some ways.  About 2 months ago I lost my watch.  It was special to me as it was a farewell gift from the university in Albany where I used to work and I was quite upset about it.  I remembered seeing it on my wrist when I was cleaning the church in the morning and then I discovered it missing when I was half way across the neighbour’s paddock in the afternoon.  In the meantime I had been in the chook area, two pig paddocks and had walked around the edge of the paddock.  It could have been anywhere!  Despite a thorough search I could not find it and after 7 weeks had pretty much given up on ever seeing it again.  Then just the other day while I was feeding the chooks – there it was gleaming at my feet in the mud, still keeping the right time and seeming none the worst for it’s experience.  I have since taken it to Launceston and had the catch tightened so I am hopeful it will stay with me from now on.

The other thing the rain revealed is our Telstra junction box at the house.  We have never had the real phone connnected partly because the first stage was to find where the cables came to near the house, and we hadn’t managed to do that before; but now the Telstra cover has come to light after being washed clean by the rains.  There it was one day, nestled up against the house in a flower garden.  I would never have found it.  We asked our internet provider to get the phone connected and they organised for Telstra to come out on Friday between 10am and 2pm.  Of course they didn’t come, and we got a message on our mobile just before 2pm saying they would be in our area on Tuesday and to call them back.  When Kim called the number given, it turned out to be a recorded message for technicians which finished by saying to hold for an operator.  After a few moments of silence the voice said “Message could not be recorded” to which Kim responded “What message, you didn’t ask for a message”.  Then the voice said “Message recorded” and hung up.  We had to laugh, what else could you expect from a communications company.  We gave up and got back to our internet provider instead and have let them deal with it.  Telstra are supposed to come this afternoon now but I am not holding my breath.  Maybe one day we will get a normal phone.

We visited the snow recently.  The snow was fresh, beautiful and cold.  We managed to break our snow chains on the first time we ever used them so have decided that in future we will park below the snow and walk up the mountain, it is less hassle that way.  We just can’t keep up with our Canadian members of the family when it comes to dealing with snow.


I planted daffodils near the gate this year and they have come out now and look lovely.  Bulbs do really well in Tassie, I guess it is the chilly winters that they like.


We made our own bacon this time from our own piggies.  It is thin but seemed to work fine.


Sizzling in the pan.  To give a critique: it is nice and salty but some bits have a bit of a tang that I find peculiar.  The saltiness can be a bit uneven too.  We will keep trying until we get it right!



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