Nocturnal visitors

In the evenings we regularly have possums and bettongs come and clean up any spilt grain that the turkeys have left near the house.  The bettongs are a bit special because you don’t find them just anywhere; they are quite small, about the size of a rabbit or hare.  The other night when I went outside I found 4 bettongs feeding, and one of them was the sweetest little joey.  Our camera does not do a very good job of night photography and these little critters don’t let you get too close but I managed to get one picture of them to show you.


We had another 24mm of rain yesterday, just when I thought the driveway was drying out a little.  I am considering putting up a sign at the gate that reads “Abandon hope, all 2WD’s that enter here!” We are using the neighbours driveway sometimes, since he has been away for the last year we didn’t think he would mind, but that is pretty slippery too.  However we are enjoying the occasional days of sunshine, and they help a lot.

Our cattle and pigs and the horse are going fine, although I’m sure they would love the paddock to dry out so they have more space again.  I ran the cows and horse a single wire extension to their paddock up on “higher ground” and they seem to appreciate that.  We only kept 4 of the piglets and they have had the privilege of being the first of the stock to experience what the land is like on the western side of the driveway.  The turkeys are following next and we have four corner posts in for our prospective turkey run, but 2 of our hens are brooding eggs already so we are running a bit late, or they are running a bit early.  Kim and the older boys have been unwell a lot over the last few weeks so our productivity has slowed somewhat, but we keep plodding along.

We just finished school holidays here, and Josiah and I enjoyed the break.  We also visited his friends from church and he spent some time just running and playing while I had some good chats.  We also were invited to Bob’s garden to dig up his swedes and beetroot for stock food.  He decided they were too small for people, although we have kept some for ourselves.  The pigs and cows thought they were great, but the horse thought they were overrated.


Mind you I like this photo of the horse and cow because it shows the difference in size.  She is a little cow!



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