Kim and I went for a walk around the lake today.  I took the camera in the hopes of seeing the ducklings again but they were nowhere to be found.  However on the way back to the house Lupo flushed out a pademelon.  She never catches wallabies or hares but she loves to chase them.  She took off in hot pursuit of it into the scrub and I was feeling sorry for the poor wallaby when it suddenly re-appeared about 1 meter away from us and froze under a tree.  I managed to sneak a couple of photos while it was catching it’s breath, before it took off again.  Lupo re-appeared about 2 minutes later!  We rarely see pademelons up close, they are pretty timid, so it was pretty cool to see this one and I was glad that it managed to give Lupo the slip so easily.




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