I love this time of year in Tassie.  I look out over the paddocks and see the grass rippling in the wind, like waves on the ocean.  I don’t know why but I just love to see it.  It is not something that you can put into a photo and I don’t have a movie camera so I am afraid I can’t share it with you, but I have some other pictures instead.

I wanted to take some photos that showed how high the grass gets here so Josiah and I went for a walk down our road.  You can just see the fence posts peeping out through the grass in this picture.  That is the western end of the south side of Mount Roland in the background.

This is looking towards the Western Tiers across a slashed paddock.  The green crop you can see near the trees is a paddock of poppies that our neighbour Bernie Howe has planted.  I will take some more shots as the crop progresses to flowers, as poppy crops are beautiful and change so much in colour as they progress.

The grass on the side of the road is pretty lush.

Much of it is above the height of the fence, and of Josiah.

You can play hide and seek in this stuff.

Bernie was making hay in this paddock last week, and I like to see the difference between the “mowed” section and the uncut areas.

And finally a shot of our front fence that is finished at last.  Although there is still a ditch area with a drainage pipe in it under the fence that still needs finishing off.  However the cattle and horse now have access to half of the paddock, much to their delight.

Life seems pretty busy for me lately, and all the extra “silly season” events are adding to the workload.  The boys and Kim remain unwell, but we are managing to still get a few things done.  Josiah turned 9 today and had a small party on Saturday with some friends which made him very happy.


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