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Cooling down

May 25, 2010

Well, what news from the Howes?  We have been digging spuds.  Josiah has been a great help, he leaps (yes physically leaps) onto the pick with great energy and bounces up and down on it until it has dug in enough.  Then he hauls it back with all his might to loosen the dirt so that I can sift through and grab the spuds.  I offered to do the digging and to let him pick up the potatoes, but he prefers it the other way.

We also took the plunge and cut Caleb’s hair.  He looks rather different now, certainly much tidier, but he will probably grow it again fairly quickly.

Our main news is that we had my parents to visit for a short while.  They came over from WA and went on a bus tour around Tassie which they greatly enjoyed.  Then they spent just over a week with us.  It was really lovely to catch up with them properly again and they got to see some more of our lifestyle and what we have done since they were here last.  We had some great talks and are already missing them although they only left yesterday afternoon.  The kids were just telling me how they got used to having them here very quickly and how it seems strange now they are gone.  😦

While they were here we had some REALLY chilly days with lots of morning frost.  Our thermometer registered -2, but others in town tell me that it got down to -3 or -5 according to their recordings.  We had to keep the fires burning to stop us all from freezing!  We set a bed up in the annexe for the folks which meant that at least they had a fireplace in their bedroom, and they said that they appreciated the electric blanket too.  🙂

However they did get to see some of the beauty of a frosty morning too, and Dad and I went out to capture some of it photographically.

Also during the week, our cow Izzy came back from the stud, proudly in calf to the Dexter bull.

Lydia got to lead her back into the paddock, which did not go quite as planned as Izzy had different views to us as to which paddock she should go to!  Lydia did a good job of hanging on to a charging cow a few times although sadly Dad did not catch it on video as that would have been fun.  Fingers crossed for a heifer calf in another 8 months time.