I know you probably think that turkeys are normally ugly, and once I would have agreed but now I find them rather sweet.  However I wont argue when it comes to moulting turkeys!  🙂

Poor Pancake, it is really NOT a good time of year to be losing feathers.  Good to know that in a couple of weeks she will look normal again.


One Response to “Ugly”

  1. Wayne Ledger Says:

    Howdy Howes – Kim and Cathy and family and friends (like Pancake and Chocolate et al)!

    We were, tonight, wondering about how the Howes were going. And then we thought, well, it would be surprising if they were not on the web somewhere. And you were not difficult to find.

    The photos are great! Just beautiful. We can see all the really hard work that you are doing to make it a nice home and farm. The animals look great – all the way to the big freezer!

    We are not quite like that turkey, Pancake, without all the feathers. Just a fraction older. It was a nice surprise to find your website. We shall book mark it now that we are on the web.

    We trust that the Good Shepherd, the Lord Jesus Christ, will bless you all richly as you walk with Him. W and V.

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