But wait, there’s more

Look, look, we have our combustion stove working now.  Admittedly there are still a few problems to iron out – the hot water runs rather slow, the oven door prefers to stay open rather than closed and smoke leaks from under the hob when the fire is first lit – but on the whole it is working a treat.  Since we started the first tentative fire in it last Friday I have cooked numerous batches of Minestrone soup, lots of bacon, eggs and beans for breakfast or lunch, toasted sandwiches in the frypan, made chicken casserole, chicken chasseur, sausages, meatballs, quiche, self saucing pudding, chocolate cakes both gluten free and normal and just generally had a ball trying it out.  It works very nicely and I just can’t seem to resist using the stove when it is hot to make something useful on it.  I can see us all getting very fat if I am not careful!  As a bonus the oven works a treat for drying firewood.  🙂

Also we can report that we have installed some LED lights in the Manor as our first trial.  We have to put them in in batches of 4, so we mounted 2 LEDs in each of the smallish rooms up there.  The boys seem quite happy with them and they are working well so far which is most promising, lighting the two rooms for a total of 10 watts of electricity. They should last about 20 years before they need replacing too.

Finally I wanted to share a photo of the horse and cow.  We recently moved them higher up on the block as their paddock has flooded as expected.  They are currently restrained by the thin yellow rope you can see in the picture below.  They think it is an electric fence wire, and that it will zap them if they touch it so they are very careful to stay within it’s boundaries.  However it is actually just the cheapest rope I could buy, has absolutely no power in it, and the barrier between them and the rest of the world is purely psychological!  The area they are in is directly under the power lines running to our neighbour and Kim was concerned that it would not be safe to run electric fencing there, so we opted for this alternative instead.  I have to say that this does not work with pigs, they will always test the fence, but the horse and cow seem much more compliant, and we are very grateful for that! Here’s hoping that it lasts!


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