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October 30, 2010

I wanted to share a photo of the 3 hens hatching their chicks.  They have 22 little ones between them and are all staying together to raise them which is very sweet.

While I was out with the camera I noticed a wren who was fascinated by her reflection in the wing mirror of the ute.

And one of the young pigs amused me when she was climbing up on her shelter to get to the wattle leaves.  They do like a few wattle leaves for a snack.



October 15, 2010

All our hens are going broody!  Ok, well maybe not all but it does feel like it at times.  Lydia and I have been busy finding spots for them all to sit for their 3 week vigil.  Last year Lydia bought 3 Wyandotte hens, particularly because they were known to go broody, and she wanted them to hatch out chicks for her.  That worked fine last year, but perhaps we should not have kept the resultant 8 hens – because they are ALL going broody this year.  And then we have a few of the other breeds of chook going broody too, so space is scarce. We had a good chuckle the other day when we went down to remove a broody hen from the dome.  We had noticed that one was sitting during the day and so went down in the evening and pulled the nesting box out to put the hen in a spot on her own.  You have to separate them or the other hens will continue to lay their eggs in with them, and then the hatching dates will be staggered which doesn’t work well.  Anyway, when we pulled out the nesting box we found not 1, not 2 but 3 hens sitting in there.  So we dug out the old Poultry apartments and settled them down with a bunch of eggs each.  They look so funny glaring out at us from the box. Hopefully they will all hang out together when the chicks hatch and not squabble.  I am pretty sure that two of them will at least since that is “Wild” on the right and “Wooly” on the left, and those two are still best mates.

I love the mean glare that brooding hens get.  They growl at anyone who comes near too.

Our first 10 chicks are out and about now.  These two hens sat together in the same box and are now happily sharing the care of the chicks.

I finally re-lined the loft the other day so people can come and stay again now.  🙂  Also Lydia and I have begun work on the prototype of the new chook houses which will hopefully become a solid but still movable part of a new garden system than the domes we currently use.  It is going to take us a while to get them done but at least we have made a start.

Clearing Up

October 3, 2010

We have been busy clearing up our storm damage.  A friend kindly came and helped to re-roof the loft, which made the work go much much faster.  We were blessed with good weather for the day too.

The loft now has a much nicer roof than anywhere else!  We still have to re-do the lining, but there is no hurry for that.

Kim has been plugging away at the gum tree, and it was nice when we could finally walk straight between the house and the caravan again, instead of going around via the driveway.  We also now have a goodly pile of wood awaiting chopping ready for next winter’s firewood stack.

I am also pleased to report that we have extended the flue on the kitchen stove which seems to have stopped the smoking problem.  You can see from this photo why that pleases me.  🙂  It was quite a challenge for Kim, Caleb and Sam to try to attach the new section whilst standing almost on tiptoe on the roof, trying to make sure the cap didn’t fall off and that the inner part was connected as well as the outer part.  Most amusing to watch, although I kept waiting for the extension to get dropped and come crashing to the ground.  But they got it done in the end with no accidents.