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New Arrival

January 19, 2011

Meet our new arrival, just arrived today. ¬†ūüôā ¬†She is absolutely tiny, but very adventurous and seems fit and healthy.

Summer in Mole Creek

January 19, 2011

Last Friday we had yet more rain, another 190mm (that’s almost 8 inches in the old scale!) in a 24 hour period, on top of the 130mm we had in December and there was flooding in town. I did not see it in person but saw pictures of water in the streets and on the pub verandah. ¬†There was no way in or out of Mole Creek at the time as our bridge was closed over the Mersey river, and the other access roads were flooded and closed as well. ¬†I was impressed by the speed with which the bridge was repaired as it was re-opened lunchtime the next day.
Our property coped quite well, we just had to move pigs around to avoid the flooded paddocks.  I guess this just gave us the tiniest little experience of the much larger problems they are having in the Eastern mainland states.

Happy New Year

January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

We have finished off 2010 by enjoying having the kombi back in action again. ¬†After some work on the carbi, Kim has it running beautifully now. ¬†We hope that with a trailer will be able to do the bulk of the jobs that we did with the ute before. ¬†The ute has now been retired from the road. ¬†It’s rust level was just getting too bad! ¬†Kim has been kept quite busy whenever he is well enough with lots of work on the cars lately. Sometimes it seems never ending.

Meanwhile our 3 beautiful calves are doing well. ¬†They are not so happy with us at the moment though, as they are being weaned off milk. They are only 8 weeks old, but with the cost of a bag of milk being close to $100, we just couldn’t afford to let them stay on it indefinitely, so the early weaning option was the only way. ¬†They are eating well and can manage just fine without the milk anyhow, although they would not agree. The little black heifer has the loveliest personality, which is very promising for her prospective career as a house cow. ¬†Her official name was going to be Violet, but I started calling her Twinkle Toes as a joke while she was little, and the name seems to have stuck. Oh dear. I can’t quite imagine a full grown cow going by the name of Twinkle Toes, but we shall see.

Just the other day we finished the first stage of our new chook cages.  The cage has a solid wood frame 6 metres long with an area of 12 square metres, plenty of room for 12 chooks.  The plan is to extend the frame for another 12 metres.  We made it nice and tall so we can walk into it easily.  Years of climbing into the old chook domes have made that a very desirable option for us.

Modular panels are bolted onto the frames.  These panels will be moved along the frame, once it has been extended, giving 2 garden beds and 1 chook house for each row.  Ultimately, if the idea works, we would like to have 12 rows with 4 chook houses rotating along them, but that will be a long time coming.  However we are pleased to have our prototype made so we can see how it works, and the chooks seem quite happy with it.

The poor turkeys are still not having a good run.  We currently have only 4 poults, and they are locked up near the house being cared for by us and one foster turkey hen who is sitting on her own 2 eggs at the same time.  We are even down 2 hens, one lost to a stray dog and the other we think to a quoll.  So there wont be many turkey dinners this year, but we do have plenty of pork to make up for it.

We have lakes instead of paddocks again after the rain last month.  We ended up having 130mm in a day and a half, nothing to what they are experiencing in Queensland though!  It is quite amazing to us to see the lakes full again, and I have even dragged out the blow up boat to make the most of it.

Lydia is keeping busy helping the cook to feed tourists down at the Guest House, and enjoys riding Zorro whenever she can.  She has discovered the way through to some good bush tracks behind our property and has been exploring the foothills of Mt Roland.

Sam has had some better health for the last few weeks on his latest treatment regime.  We are all most pleased about that.  However Caleb continues to suffer, despite various trials of diets, and has to wait until March for his appointment with a specialist.   Josiah is just fine, greatly enjoying the school holidays.

Well, that is about it for our news for the time being.  We wish all the best for you all for this coming year.