Guinea Pigs

Here are our guinea pigs!  Well, okay, obviously they are really chooks, but what I mean is that these are the hens who are being our guinea pigs in the sense that they are the privileged ones who are trialling living in the tent.

During the day they scratch around in the bush within the confines of the electric mesh and at night they roost in the tent and get zipped up inside as an added precaution against the quolls.  In the first day or so two of them escaped and went back to their old roost, but the remaining six have settled in well.

Our sooky calves have grown!  They are looking big and shaggy these days and must be almost 6 months old.  They are living the good life in town munching grass and being spoilt by every one who knows them.

They seem to be staying quite friendly, especially when you take them buckets of lucerne!  Twinkles will happily let us rub her all over, which promises good things for her potential life as a house cow.

Lydia has been working for a few days raspberry picking, and hopes to get another two weeks work there before the season is finished.  It is working out well as she is able to catch a lift with another lady in town who is also working there.  The farm has rows and rows full of raspberry canes, it is quite amazing to see them all.


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