We have been rather concerned about our old vehicles lately, the Kombi is a great workhorse but being such a large vehicle it is costly to run, and it is after all 38 years old.  Then we have the Passat, 32 years old itself, which has been run off it’s wheels since we got it and which seems to be falling apart at the moment.  It is in need of some serious down time while it gets worked on.  Poor Kim has been struggling to keep it on the road with his limited health, while one thing after another has been going wrong.  Meanwhile he is never finding the time to work on the Audi which we are hoping to get going and replace the gearbox in.

So on Saturday, in a rather unplanned event, we bought another car.  It is a Seat Ibiza 1995 model.  It cost us $1000 which providentially was exactly the amount that we had available in our bank account.  It looks like an ordinary car which somehow feels very strange!

The interior is like new.

It  has had a bingle in the front, and has a few dents but is basically sound and looks quite nice.  More importantly it has only 110,000km on the clock and is supposed to run on the smell of an oily rag, which will be most useful to us who live well away from anywhere.  Kim has already put new tyres on the front and adjusted the headlights so that they actually point at the road, a great improvement from one pointing at the trees and the other at the bumper.  He is now looking forward to doing NOTHING!  And he can relax about the Passat and put it’s repairs on the back burner for a while.

So, are you thinking that Kim has finally betrayed his Volkswagen commitment?  Never fear, underneath the labelling it turns out that a Seat Ibiza is basically a VW Polo made in Spain.  When you open the bonnet everything has VW labels all over them.  :}

Funnily enough we would never have bought the car if Lydia had not become sick on the way to work, causing us to return home early with the newspapers and then Sam, who was uncharacteristically down early for breakfast, saw the advertisement quite by accident as he was flipping through the paper.  We are very thankful to God that it all occurred that way, as it seems like the car will be very good for our needs.

With the weather cooling down for Winter, it was -1.7 last  night and is still only 4.7 outside at 9:30am today, I think that the thing I am going to enjoy most are the car’s heaters! Anyway, I best be off now, I have been putting off feeding the chooks waiting for the day to warm up but I don’t think I can wait any longer!


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