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Autumn chicks

June 5, 2011

You may remember me saying that we had two hens appear last month with 16 chicks apiece?  Well, much to our delight they are still all going strong.  Every morning I am afraid that they will have been taken by a quoll, since they refuse to stay inside the electric fence where it is safe, but so far they have remained safe.  I even ran special fence extensions around their nesting sites, only to have them immediately move to a new spot!    However, as the chicks are growing, it is getting increasingly hard for them to nestle under the little hens.  It is sweet to see them spilling out from under.

As for the chicks that are a week older, there is just no real hope of getting a place under mum now, but they create a pretty solid mass when they huddle together.  🙂

We have had some very cold nights so I am very impressed with these young hens at the job they are doing.